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70 Korean icons

[15] Lee Junki
[15] Se7en
[10] Shinhwa
+ [15] Minwoo
[15] Xing

Lots of pretty boys~~ (some underage, haha) 70 icons in total. I've also started my Lee Minwoo claim for asiancon100, which should be an extravaganza of hotness. You can find those icons here.

If you take any icons, please comment/credit _kentsuburi or tsuyogari~~ If you like what you see, feel free to join or watch this community!


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Super Duper Xmas Gift! Part 2

Merry Christmas, yo!! As my gift to you, I bring a ridiculously massive icon/graphics dump. 370 icons and 10 headers~ I seriously worked my butt off to get these out in time, so I hope you like them. :D The post was too big to put into one entry, so it's been split

If you take any, please comment/credit _kentsuburi or tsuyogari. If you like what you see, feel free to join or add this comm!

[20] WaT
[20] Xing

[30] King and the Clown
[20] Lovely Complex

[2] Big Bang
[3] Dong Bang Shin Gi
[2] Lee Junki
[2] SS501
[1] Super Junior


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