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85 misc asian ent icons

[25] Dong Bang Shin Gi
[25] Hanakimi (Japanese)
[10] Ikuta Toma
[05] Lee Dong Wook
[10] Lee Junki
+ [10] Lee Minwoo

Some dramas, actors, musicians... they're all in here this time~~ I've also finally made a new layout, this time featuring Rainie Yang! Let me know what you think ♥ The Minwoo icons are for my challenge, so click the link to see those!

If you use any icons, please credit _kentsuburi or tsuyogari! If you like what you see, feel free to join and/or add this community~~


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Lee Minwoo for asiancon100

Currently finished: 50/100
11.21.07 | Love, harmony, unconventional, serenity, sunshine, memories, 4 artist's choice
07.23.07 | Beginnings, joy, hope, lights, productive, movement, holiday, red, confused, open space, blue, melancholy, anger, simple, funky, pissed off, unsure, darkness, past present and future, another day, 5 artist's choice
07.06.07 | Rhythm, silly, smile, black & white, daydreaming, tradition, loneliness, vacant, cute, comfort, 5 artist's choice

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