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85 icons

[15] Bi/Rain
[15] Big Bang
[10] Danson Zhe
[25] Epik High
[20] JJ Lin

Life got in the way so not as many icons as I had hoped to get out, but there are definitely a good amount. Next batch should include lots of Shinhwa and whatever else I feel like throwing in once I get the time. Maybe some JE boys~

If you take any icons, please credit _kentsuburi or tsuyogari and comment if you'd like. And, please join/watch for updates!


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140 K-pop icons

[15] Chae Yeon
[25] Dong Bang Shin Gi
[10] Epik High
[20] Eru
[10] Ivy
[5] Shinhwa
[10] Son Ho Young
[10] SS501
[35] Super Junior

So I went a little crazy today~~ Lots of variety in the artists this go round, if I do say so myself. :3 Don't expect to see me around much for a while; school's over in a few weeks and you know what that means: finals! I'll try to get a layout or some stock icons up or something but I can't make any promises.

If you take any icons, please comment/credit _kentsuburi or tsuyogari. If you like what you see, feel free to join or add this comm!


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