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110 assorted pop icons

[05] Dong Bang Shin Gi
[15] Han Ye Seul
[05] Hyun Bin
[15] Kang Dong Won
[20] Narimiya Hiroki
[05] Oguri Shun
[10] Shirota Yuu
[10] SS501
[25] Super Junior

Whoa. It has definitely been a while since I've put anything up here. School has been super duper crazy u__u;; I feel like I am so behind in the iconing world and all my work is super lame and old-fashioned or something, haha. This go 'round, there are a ton of actors/models, with some musical talents thrown in for good measure.

If you use any icons, please credit _kentsuburi or tsuyogari! If you like what you see, feel free to join and/or add this community~~


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