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taking icon requests

Requests are open for this week for just icons. It can be for a personal icon (or set) with a specific image, etc. or can be a general requests, such as a actor, drama, singer, music video, game, you get the idea. You can request as much as you want and whatever you want as long as it's not porn or something. :P

If you make a general/fandom request, please make sure to provide pictures and/or give me links to galleries/lj comms/etc that do not require joining. Or, if it's simply joining something without having to do a whole bunch of stuff, that can be used.

Let me know any specific you're looking for, such as style, text, etc. Personal icon requests will be uploaded to this thread; fandom/general requests will be uploaded in a week or two in one post.

Happy requesting~~

Taking requests for great justice

Requests are currently: closed.
(I will be finishing up the current ones, then next semester starts..)

There's no particular format for requests. I'll do icons & headers at the moment. Just let me know size specifics. I'm not the best at animated or text-y icons, but I'll try. Give me a picture/gallery or just a general subject. I'm pretty open to any subject matter, but if it's something hard to find and you don't give me images, I'll be less likely to fill the request. Let me know what kind of style you're looking for, too. (if you care) Feel free to mention anything else I've forgotten.

Turnaround time will vary. Right now I'm on break so I will be much faster now than when I go back to school.

So yeah. Happy requesting!
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