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Keith Anderson
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This community is dedicated to country music's newest rising star Keith Anderson! If you love Keith and his music this is THE place for you!

Share news, pictures, icons, concert info, and anything related to Keith here!


1.) No bashing Keith.

2.) No bashing each other, we're all fans of the same guy so let's just get along and make things easier.

3.) Please keep all things related to Keith and country music.

4.) If you're going to post a picture, make sure you have uploaded it into your own account. Photobucket is a great place to store pictures. I also ask that you place larger pictures and larger quanities of pictures behind a cut so it doesn't take up as much space.

5.) When posting an article please post the URL you found the article on.

6.) Promoting is ok, however, please keep it related to Keith or country music.

7.) Have fun and keep supporting Keith!

Moderated by: hbkcorey and jmedee_in_tn.

When you join, please take the time to answer these questions...

1.) Name, Age, and Location:
2.) How were you introduced to Keith?
3.) Favorite thing about Keith?
4.) Have you ever seen him in concert?
5.) If you own his CD, what's your favorite song on it?

Thank you! :)

If you are looking for graphics you can look here. There's a list of the entries containing graphics. Please follow the creater/poster's rules though - if they ask for credit please do so. Thank you! :)

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please contact me if you would like to be added :)

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