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The Sex in concert.

Okay, I figured I’d post my Keith Anderson concert experience in this community – hope nobody minds… I haven’t figured out how to do a “cut” so… my apologies for this long post.

I saw him on Friday, January 29th, 2006 at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO.
This is actually the second time I’ve seen him in concert, the first time was for a summer concert highlighting new acts which took place about a week after “Pickin’ Wildflowers” was released to the radio, so nobody knew all that much about him. In any event, major growth has taken place since then. Confidence and ease with the audience alone were readily apparent. Additionally, I was closer to the stage for this second concert, so there’s more I can say from a closer vantage point.

Let me just say: the man is “The Sex.”

I’d call him a walking orgasm, but there’s a lot more that goes into the event, and the man, than just the orgasm part, so henceforth, he’s The Sex and we’ll leave it at that. Sorry to offend, if the title does, but that’s just my opinion. He’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous. He’s the kind of masculine handsome that will have you pulling off your clothes, licking your lips and feeling lightheaded. He’s not “pretty,” he’s downright sexy with an emphasis on sex and so he should be called “The Sex.” I know pictures are good… but damn, believe it when you hear he’s hotter in person.

He played for a solid 90 minutes – nearly everything on his album except “Stick It” “Lazy…” and “I’ll Know When I Get There” – supplementing those tracks with his version of “Beer Run,” a new track “Sweet Alisha,” and a few fantastic stories.

One story was how he’d been about to give up on the whole country music superstar dream when he got a call from a manager who wanted to buy his song, “Beer Run,” but wanted to make a few changes to it. The Sex was reluctant to make changes to the song at first (artistic integrity and all), but the manager then said that the artist who wanted it was none other than Garth Brooks, and The Sex said, hell, if Garth wants it, Garth gets it. Who was The Sex to deny Garth? Well, about a week later “Beer Run” has entirely new lyrics and a completely different tune and the only part of it that was still The Sex’s was the title. And The Sex thought, “okay, fine, they can change the lyrics and the tune but it’s still mine if they keep the title.” The next day, the manager calls him up and says, “we’re considering changing the title.” And The Sex puts his foot down. He’s unwilling to change the last thing that’s actually his. That’s when the manager tells him that they’re making the song into a duet with the legendary George Jones and The Sex, of course, is awestruck and subsequently changes even the title of his song. “B double E double Are You In” put enough money in The Sex’s bank account, and gave him enough notoriety, to stay in the business.

Keith (because it’s easier to write than “The Sex,” though the term still applies), told us about his father having 10 siblings, his momma having 7 siblings and therefore how he’s got an enormous family. Not just in number, however, because he’s got several family members who weigh over 400 pounds. Keith then grins, flexes his substantial (*drool*) arms (*drool / squeal*) and says that you’ve gotta be pretty strong to hug a 400 pound person, and… he loves hugs (and yes, anything female in the audience sighed as they pictured this, their eyes glazing over even as Keith began “XXL”).

It’s rare to be a singer and a songwriter these days. As mentioned before, Garth (Lord love the man) is not really a songwriter. Few artists actually wrote all the songs they’re singing. Keith is among the few, and it’s obvious in concert. When singing “Podunk” during the line: “I knew this six-string was my ticket out” Keith patted his guitar as if to say that it was what got him to that stage (or show stupid people what a “six string” is, but he’s not the condescending type). Singing “Wrap Around” and “Pickin’ Wildflowers” you could almost see him picturing the girl he wrote the songs for. And the album does not do justice to “The Clothes Don’t Make the Man” like the conviction in Keith’s voice does live. Unexpectedly, Keith did not say anything about his current single, “Every Time I Hear Your Name” but hearing him sing this, you know why – it’s too personal. To hear such emotion in an industry so public, was an unexpected and delightful treat (in case you think looking at him isn’t enough).

His voice is better live than it is on the album – which, if you know anything about Denver, CO, is rare because many artists have a hard time with the “mile high” atmosphere. Many will perform and complain about (or at least mention) a lack of oxygen (John Mayer, Bryan White, Toby Keith, Rhett Akins) or become breathless and not be able to sing more difficult parts of their songs (John Mayer, David Grey, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Metallica’s James Hattfield (though, in his case, it could have been drug related)). Not so with Keith / The Sex – the man’s not going to have a problem with those pipes. Additionally, it’s obvious that he loves to perform, constantly smiling and enjoying the atmosphere (and attention, which is well deserved). It’s been my experience (in my 28 years), that it’s easy to tell when someone loves their job – Keith Anderson loves his job – every part of it, from the sound check to the crowd to the music and the clothes. He smiles constantly, moves all over the stage and makes eye-contact with everyone in the audience.

When his 90 minutes was up, Keith ducked behind the stage and waited for the audience to scream for him a bit before coming back out. He then signs autographs while his band (all of whom are very good – one enough so that he’s nominated for a ’06 Grammy Award… in the Polka category!) plays the encore, and two very, very lucky girls in the audience got kissed. This is obviously someone who’s on the path to superstar status, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time he comes to Denver, he has to be booked at a coliseum or amphitheater and the ticket prices are outrageous.
Until next time!
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1.) Name, Age, and Location: Dannielle, 20, Podunk, Kentucky
2.) How were you introduced to Keith? My little brother playing Pickin' Wildflowers over and over
3.) Favorite thing about Keith? He's a super sweet guy
4.) Have you ever seen him in concert? Ohhhhh yeah!!
5.) If you own his CD, what's your favorite song on it? Hrm... Either Everytime I Hear Your Name or I'll Know When I Get There
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Found this at Wrangler_Butts...

Jason Aldean, Keith Anderson, Jeff Bates, Little Big Town and Van Zant will star in the New Faces Show, a concert set for Feb. 17 during the 2006 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. Universal South recording artist Joe Nichols, a 2003 New Faces alumnus, announced the lineup at a press conference held Wednesday (Nov. 30) at ASCAP's Nashville headquarters. Aldean, who records for Broken Bow Records, made his mark with his debut single, "Hicktown." Arista Records' Anderson -- a co-writer of the Garth Brooks/George Jones hit, "Beer Run" -- first scored with "Pickin' Wildflowers" and followed it with his current single, "XXL." Now on his second RCA album, Good People, Bates made his bow in 2003 with the Top 10 hit, "The Love Song." The quartet Little Big Town has had its biggest single to date with the recently released "Boondocks" on Equity Records. Southern rockers Johnny and Donnie Van Zant demonstrated their country music inclinations with the singles "Help Somebody" and "Nobody Gonna Tell Me What to Do" on Columbia Records.