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This community is for all things Kawaii! you can post anything here. Drawings, Clothes, Stationary, cute pets (lol) rooms, anything!
We are your moderaters Hello_Lucy and Little_emily28

Everyso often we will be posting themes. We'll post a post on the page and also a banner or picture or something to say what the theme is. These can be anything! Maybe foods, Fashion, Toys, Pets, anything! so keep checking. You dont have to only post the theme. Its just for a bit of fun ^_^

*1* Please dont post anything offensive, remember kids could be reading!
*2* Please be nice to each other. This is a community for cute things, not arguing.
*3* If people post their art or fashion or whatever, creative critasism is ok, downright bashing isnt
*4* please dont post auctions. There are other comunities for that.
*5* its ok to post small picture on the main page, but if you are posting lots, please put it behind a cut. lets be dial up friendly ok?

Any post that break the rules will be deleted without warning.
kawaii kawaii kawaii

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