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Kate Todd Fans

kate todd community
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Hello all, and welcome to the only Kate Todd community on Live Journal! Kate Todd is the hip new actress who plays Lily Randall [aka Shady Lane] on the hit new TV series Radio Free Roscoe. This community is a place where fans can post news about her, icons, or whatever. But - it must be related to Kate Todd!

+ No off-topic posts.
+ Don't pimp other communities here. C'mon, it just gets annoying.
+ Drama is kinda fun, but don't create it purposely! Jeez.
+ Respect other members.
+ If you post large pics, please put them under a Lj-Cut. [to find out how to do this, search the topics in the LJ FAQ.]
+ Have fun, y'all!
+ Any questions and comments can be directed to moi, your lovely moderator. Just e-mail me at rebeccart_11@hotmail.com.
+ Please fill out this little intro quizzy & post it, yo! [well, I guess you don't HAVE to, but it's fun. lol]

+Name -
+Location -
+Favorite RFR character -
+Favorite RFR episode -
+Favorite RFR pairing -


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