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Hello and welcome to the Karma RPG.Below are the rules,a bit about the setting, and a list of characters.A detailed backstory will be coming soon.

SETTING:AU after episode 7x10 "Witchness Protection"


In 2004 the Halliwell sisters agreed to help the Avatars in their campaign to end the fight between good and evil. In 2005,with their combined powers,all demons were eradicated. However the Avatars withheld that the Elders and Whitelighters would be destroyed as well. The girls bound the Avatars(including Leo,breaking Piper’s heart) and imprisoned them,supposedly for all eternity. They then setlled down into their demon-free lives. Phoebe and Jason got back together and were soon married.Phoebe had her daughter Serena and her twin daughters,Trinity and Rachel,in 2010. Piper met restauranteur Hector Cardona in 2006. Although they never married,they lived together until Piper's death and had their daughter Melinda in 2007. Paige started traveling the world, she had many charges she would take care of and while she was in Africa she met her future husband Adam, who was like her. Half-whightlighter (orbing and healing), half-witch (control water). They were married and had three children, Myra, Adrienne and Vanessa.

The children grew up happy,learning to use their powers without the constant threat of evil.In 2023 however,their lives darkened with the death of Paige and her husband in a car accident.Their children went to live with Phoebe and Jason and eventually learned to live again, but no one in the family ever fully recovered.Then,in 2028,Phoebe succumed to cancer,leaving Piper the only surviving sister.Two years later Piper was closing up her restaurant(she sold P3) and was mugged in the parking lot.She died a few hours later from her wounds.

With the girls dead,the Avatars have escaped from their prison(unbeknownst to the children),rekindling their plot to take over the world and seeking revenge on the Halliwell family.Still recovering from the loss of Piper,it’s up to the children to take up their mothers’ banner of saving the world.

1. The limit for characters a single person can have is three.You can only have two main characters.For example,I couldn't be Trinity,Melinda,*and* Wyatt.If,after a time,the mods think you can handle more,you will be allowed to.

2. Characters who are in the Halliwell Family (Chris,Wyatt,Melinda, Serenity and any other children) must post at least once a week. If you don’t think you can handle this,don’t apply for these characters.

3. No god-playing

4. No Mary Sues, no one’s perfect.

5. Slash is allowed, but everyone in the game cannot be gay ok? Let’s keep it realisitic.

6. Any major storylines and changes must be run by the mods.(For example,if you want to bring back the sisters for a storyline,have us ok it first please)

7. Original characters are very welcome!

8.Put "Moonstruck" under 'Aris's Favorite Movie' in the application so I know you read the rules.

9. Have Fun!!!

I'm putting a limit of family members.The max # of kids each daughter can have is 3(Jr. charmed ones).If you and your friend wanna be twins but there's only one spot left,let us know and we'll consider it.

The Halliwell Family-

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell,27

Christopher Perry Halliwell,26

Melinda Prudence Cardona-Halliwell,23 Taken by Sarah

The Dean Family-
Serena Xandria Dean-Halliwell,23Taken by Aris

Trinity Charlotte Dean-Halliwell,20 Taken by Sarah

Rachel Phoenix Dean-Halliwell,20 Taken by Aston

The Riley Family-
Myra Aideen Riley,22 Taken by Latara

Adrienne Riley,19 Taken by Aston

Vanessa Riley,19 Takne by Aris

Other Characters-
Victoria Turner,24 Taken by Liz

Erret Dorr,23 taken by Morgan

Daefin Dorr,19 taken by Morgan

Taken Played-Bys-

Drew Fuller(Chris Halliwell)
Jessica Alba(Melinda Cardona-Halliwell)
Nicole Kidman (Serena Xandria Dean-Halliwell)
Samaire Armstrong (Rachel Phoenix Dean-Halliwell)
Morena Baccarin(Myra Riley)
Sophia Bush(Adrienne Riley)
Rachel Bilson (Vanessa Riley)
Lisa Marie Varon(Victoria Turner)
Alex Band(Erret Dorr)
Emmy Rossum(Daefin Dorr)
Along with the immediate family you can also create allies,friends,cousins,enemies,etc.

Sent applications to aqkaleps@aol.com

Your Name:
Any RP Experience?:
History(If Yes)-

Character Name:
Powers(if any):
Portrayed By:
Connection to the Halliwell Family:
Aris's Favorite Movie:

If you are having troubles understanding this, check out my example.

Your Name:Aris
Location:Ohio, USA
Any RP Experience?:Yes.
History(If Yes)-
FOunded Inferno X-men in greatest journal (still needs characters)
Playing The disco dazzler and Emma Frost in RAR reborn
Playing Minerva Mcgonagall and HArry Potter in CHarming Potter 2

Character Name:Serenity Xandria Dean-Haliwell
Powers(if any):Telekenisis, Astral projection, telepathy
Portrayed By:Nicole Kidman
Connection to the Halliwell Family:Daughter of Phoebe Halliwell-Dean
Aris's Favorite Movie:(Read The Rules for the answer)

Well,I hope that's everything.Hope you join the game!