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KARMA:A Charmed RPG [entries|friends|calendar]
Karma:A Charmed RPG

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[31 Dec 2005|01:18am]

Serena quickly unlocked the door to her loft, she was feeling really aprehensive. Upon entering she closed the door and locked both locks. She flipped on the lights and made her way into the kitchen. Most of the day was spent shopping with Mel, during which she decided it would be best to go home. She was tired from her trip and if Mel wanted her help cooking tomorrow she would need the sleep. She mindlessly pressed the answering machine play button and listened to the messages scroll. They were all pointless except for one from someone she didn't know. And someone she didn't want to. "Witch." It was the only word they spoke.

The first signCollapse )
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Rachel & Vanessa [02 Dec 2005|10:41am]

The Manor

Rachel got to the manor, a little sooner than she expected. She needed some time to reflect & to think about her mother & her aunts. Phoebe had always said that when you looked into Rachel's eyes, you could see the reflecting pools of Rachel's mind. She knocked on the door, but nobody answered. She used to her key to open the door & she quietly let herself in. "Anybody home?" She waited a minute & when nobody answered she proceded to the attic. There was still so much of her mothers here that they had yet to go through.

Rachel lit some candles & sat Indian style on the old, woven, oriental rug. She closed her eyes & took a deep breathe. As she began to meditate, a voice startled her.
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Noon, The organic produce shop, Melinda and Serena [30 Nov 2005|09:19pm]

Serena and Melinda had a rather quiet trip to the store. It was odd, because they had always been talkative with each other, even in these kind of situations. Pipers death had really depressed all the kids, not only because they were family but a large and very important of their family dynasty had ended. 'I have to snap this silence before it drives me mad!' she thought to herself.

By this time they had reached the market, they were having a family dinner since everyone was home. She and Melinda had always been helping Piper in the kitchen or around the house. They both gained great skills in their cooking. Now they were about to cook one of Piper's rare dishes. The one she used to get a job at Quake. Normally they would have never known that but in her later years, after the world became demon free she had put together a scrapbook with that recipie in it. And now, they would share it with all the kids.

"Where on earth did you find that scrapbook?" she asked, breaking the uneasy silence.
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The Begining [30 Nov 2005|05:43pm]

The bay is one of the most beautiful points of San Francisco, so relaxing, so fun, so romantic. Two young lovers are sitting on the beach, passionately embraced. They part their lips and put their heads together, they look out onto the darkened waters with the barely visible stars shinning down onto it, but something else is there as well, a light. A light coming from the bay floor. "What is that?" the girl asked as she looked to it.

Under the water inside a cave that was above the water level. A girl in black, with black hair was launching energy balls at the wall, though before they hit it, a green flash would show and it would disapear. "Vivian, would you quit it! It has never worked yet, why should it now?" another person dressed in black said. "It is getting weaker, I can feel it." she replied. The other rolled their eyes, "Please why should it break down now?" he asked with total malice in his voice. Another man stepped out from the shadows and approached him. "No, wait a minute, I think she is right..." he waved his hand and an energy ball materialized, he continue to hold it and it grew bigger and bigger. He finally released it and it flew into the force-field. It cracked. It had broken open, but after a few seconds and a large amount of stunned faces it closed back up. "Something has weakened our captors magic. I will do that again and someone is going out there and figuring out what is going on..."
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