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{ Fanfic "RTFM" }

Fanfic: RTFM
Fandom: SGA
Pairing/Characters: Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka, ?
Category: humour, drabble
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Language: English
Disclaimer: SGA isn't mine.
Words: 522
Short cut: Rodney turned the cylindric object in his hands around itself several times, searching for the reason why it did not work.
Dedication: For taelonmahal - Merry Christmas, Verena! :D

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Doctor Who | I'll watch over you
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{ Music video - Dr. Radek Zelenka - Czech mate! }

Title: Dr. Radek Zelenka - Czech mate!
Artist: Kult - Gdy nie ma dzieci
Vidder: Uroborus
Summary: I ♥ David Nykl and Radek Zelenka. And I don't shy away from openly showing it!
Pairings: mmh.. some McLenka, though I put my focus on David/Radek
Spoilers: season 1 and 2 episodes, up to "Duet" and the David Nykl Gateworld Interview
Format: wmv
Size: 16.5 MB
Length: 3'06''

illman again hosts this for me. Děkuji mnohokrát!! ^^

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