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  • ninnui

{ Fanfic "So this is Christmas" }

Title: So this is Christmas
Series: SGA
Characters: John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Ronon
Rating: PG
Category: gen, humour, Christmas
Spoilers: none, though Ronon appears in season 2, so this might take place somewhere in the middle of the 2nd season
Dedication: for dirty_diana and for the sga_santa
The assignment given included: Sheppard. Weir. Ronon. In any twosome or threesome combination. I'd love it to take place on Earth, if it's possible.
Excluded were: Schmoop. Non-con. Rodney.
Words: 1139
Thanks to: my wonderful beta-readers sydian and severusslave

John, who had finished his decorational work with lighting a small tea light candle, finally spoke up. "Well, when we're going to arrive on Earth in a few hours there will be a small...," he stopped himself as he searched for the appropriate word.
Doctor Who | I'll watch over you
  • ninnui

{ Fanfic "Trying to fix this" (written for sga_fiction ficathon) }

Fanfic: "Trying to fix this"
Author: ninnui
Written for: missyvortexdv (assignment for the sga_fiction ficathon)
Characters: centered on Peter Grodin and Rodney McKay. Dr. Beckett, Miller and Markham have a cameo.
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Category: post-episode ("The Storm" "The Eye"), adventure, gen
Disclaimer: Peter, Rodney and all the other characters are not mine.
Thanks to: taelonmahal and sorgenmond for having the brass neck to beta this :) And last but not least: thanks to the stupid muse for not bitching around. *G*

The requests were: A fic where we get to see Grodin doing his duties on Atlantis or offworld if you like - sort of a Grodin adventure fic.
Three things that shouldn't appear in the fic: 1.no Chaya, 2.don't want it set during the Siege, 3.don't want too much military stuff

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