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Title: Dr. Radek Zelenka - Czech mate!
Artist: Kult - Gdy nie ma dzieci
Vidder: Uroborus
Summary: I ♥ David Nykl and Radek Zelenka. And I don't shy away from openly showing it!
Pairings: mmh.. some McLenka, though I put my focus on David/Radek
Spoilers: season 1 and 2 episodes, up to "Duet" and the David Nykl Gateworld Interview
Format: wmv
Size: 16.5 MB
Length: 3'06''

illman again hosts this for me. Děkuji mnohokrát!! ^^

Right-click. Save. (currently down!)

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Title: Dr. Carson Beckett - The Remedy (I won't worry)
Artist: Jason Mraz - The Remedy (I won't worry)
Vidder: Uroborus
Summary: this is a tribute video to everybody's favourite Scottish doctor
Pairings: there's some McBeck in this ("Duet", dude!), and if you squint you can also see some BeckShep, Carson/Perna, Carson/Elizabeth and Carson/Cadman
Spoiler: I used clips from season one and two, up to the hilarious "Duet" episode
Format: wmv
Size: 25.3 MB
Length: 4'15''

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Fanfic: "Trying to fix this"
Author: ninnui
Written for: missyvortexdv (assignment for the sga_fiction ficathon)
Characters: centered on Peter Grodin and Rodney McKay. Dr. Beckett, Miller and Markham have a cameo.
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Category: post-episode ("The Storm" "The Eye"), adventure, gen
Disclaimer: Peter, Rodney and all the other characters are not mine.
Thanks to: taelonmahal and sorgenmond for having the brass neck to beta this :) And last but not least: thanks to the stupid muse for not bitching around. *G*

The requests were: A fic where we get to see Grodin doing his duties on Atlantis or offworld if you like - sort of a Grodin adventure fic.
Three things that shouldn't appear in the fic: 1.no Chaya, 2.don't want it set during the Siege, 3.don't want too much military stuff

Trying to fix thisCollapse )
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