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{ Fanfic "And all my war is done" }

Fanfic: "And all my war is done"
Author: ninnui
Characters: Elizabeth Weir / Rodney McKay
Spoilers: The story is set after season one, at the beginning of season 2. AU
Rating: NC-17
Category: h'n'c, romance
Disclaimer: All the characters of SGA are not mine.
Thanks to: missyvortexdv for beta-reading.

Just sitting on balcony near the outer rims of the city and listening to the sounds of the ocean didn’t make it any better for her, like it had in the past. She had slipped away from the repair works which were taking place all over the city and hoped that nobody would miss her for a few precious moments of solitude.

They had lost many people during the battle. All the good people, she thought, who wouldn’t get back to earth, back to their family and friends. It wasn’t fair. Soft tears spilled from green eyes and ran down her cheek.

So absorbed was she in her sorrow that she didn’t acknowledged someone emerging behind her until he crouched down beside her sitting form.

She knew who it was without actually looking. When he finally spoke, it was in a quiet and calm manner. “Somehow I knew you would be here.”

Not looking at him, but instead at the waves crashing against the shores of Atlantis, she took some time to answer.

“And I knew it would be you to find me. You always cared that much to look out for my well-being.” She was surprised to find herself confessing this. She had thought about it occasionally, when in times of tranquillity her mind started to wander… He cared, even though his mind was always occupied with other things regarding the city or, in the last few weeks, their impending doom.

He didn’t answer. She didn’t dare look at him now, just hoping he would let it go and not ask any questions she didn’t know the answer to. Yet.

When he spoke again, some time had passed in silence, both looking out over the city and the sea.

“You are important, Elizabeth. To the people in the city, you’re their leader, and to me, because you’re my friend.” Despite her hopeless thoughts of the last hours, she had to smile at this admittance. He wasn’t one to admit someone actually had crossed that line with him. No, he kept people at bay. But the past months had changed him. He had found friends. Beckett of course, who had the humour to look behind the wall at the real person that was hidden there. And Zelenka. They had been rivals with their talents lying in the same field, but as time went by, mere acceptance had turned into cooperation and even friendship.

She felt his eyes on her. “Nevertheless… I wasn’t able to help them, was I? I mean, look at how many we’ve lost… And I’m still here, desperately trying to figure out what to do next.” The words had flown from her mouth before she could stop them. That’s what she had tried not to do: showing her guilt, admitting her failure. And now here she was, her feelings betraying her, the diplomatic training and control totally forgotten. Great!

Not knowing how he would react to that, she sighed and turned slightly away from him, concentrating her gaze once more onto the ocean.

His fingers under her chin startled her. He gently turned her face back towards him. “None of this is your fault. We all knew the Wraith were coming, and we did our best to beat them. Those who died in battle did it to save the rest of us.” She looked into his clear blue eyes and found truth and understanding in them.

She nearly forgot to breath, so lost was she in his intense gaze. She felt herself being drawn nearer to him, as if enchanted…

Not until their lips met in a soft brush she did acknowledge that he had shifted closer, too. The sensation of their lips barely touching was so gentle, so calming… It felt like solace after her solitude.

After what seemed like a small eternity they parted, the sensation of the soft touch still tingling on her lips.

She wanted nothing more than to let it happen again, to feel him near her, kiss her, comfort her. So she closed the small space between them and kissed him, a bit more forceful this time.

He answered her demand eagerly and used both of his hands to pull her closer to him. He seemed to draw strength and comfort out of this contact, just like she did.

She wanted more of this… more of him. It felt good to have him near. When they parted again his eyes conveyed love and – she was sure her eyes equalled his emotions – lust.

She wanted him, badly. She had known for some time now, and finally had enough courage to follow her feelings for this man, whom she considered her best friend.

He stood, and for a brief moment she experienced a pang of disappointment, thinking that he might have reconsidered and was about to leave. But when he outstretched his hand to help her stand up, she knew he wouldn’t leave her.

He held her hands for a few beautiful moments, smiling a gentle, almost shy, smile. Then he sat down, leaning against the wall next to the entrance of the balcony and stretching his legs, while she stood watching him, not understanding what exactly he was up to.

He reached for her hands again and pulled her down to sit across his lap. She settled herself into this unfamiliar position quite easily. She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes to take pleasure in the nearness, to savour him.

She felt his right hand stroking her back gently, while his left hand touched her face. From her forehead to her nose his fingertips finally arrived at her mouth. His calloused but gentle fingertips caressed her lips, this simple treatment arousing her beyond belief. Maybe it was his closeness that undid her…

His left hand started to wander down agonizingly slowly, stopping from time to caress her neck, her collarbone and her breasts, which still where confined by her shirt. She desperately wanted to get rid of it. She grabbed the hem of the shirt and, with his help, pulled it over her head. He looked intensely at her and, following her desperate wish to have nothing between his hands and her skin, she let the bra join her shirt on the floor.

It didn’t dawn on her that he still was completely dressed. All she could concentrate on was his hands doing the most incredible things to her, evoking feelings she hadn’t felt for so long… It was like finally being born again, here, in this galaxy far, far away from her other life. And she was happy that it was him who did this to her, for her.

She lifted her head, trying to focus on him. His eyes hadn’t left her face since he had started his ministrations, noticing every emotion that flickered across. To see that he could do such things to her seemed like an eternal marvel to him. Showering kisses onto her lips and her neck, he felt his love for her grow even more.

Finally reaching the waistline of her pants he hesitated. Would she allow him to…? As if she was sensing his uncertainty, she reached up to cup his cheek and kissed him deeply, conveying all the love and trust she felt and thus giving him the answer to his unasked question.

Deftly undoing the clasp he pushed the pants from her hips down her long legs, leaving her in her knickers. He had to tear away his gaze from the view. Looking at her he whispered: “You are perfect.”

Hearing those three simple words she felt her eyes watering. Yet she didn’t know how to respond. His tender ministrations had left her over-sensitive, and his intense scrutiny was arousing her still.

Ridding her of her damp knickers he started to gently caress her inner thighs, encouraged by her gentle moans and gasps. She rocked her hips slightly to match his movements, softly bemoaning the fact that his hands didn’t go where she obviously wanted them to. The sound made him smile, and supporting her head with his right hand, he planted a soft kiss on her lips that grew deeper and fiercer by the minute.

When his fingers finally reached their destination, touching her in the most sensitive way possible, her cry of pleasure was muffled by his mouth. Smiling against her lips he moved to kiss her neck, alternatively nipping at the soft skin with his teeth and caressing it with his tongue.

When one of his fingers entered her depths all she wanted to do was to shatter into a million pieces. Her emotions were in frenzy, his strokes luring her close to the verge of ecstasy.

Her hips had started to rock violently with the movement of his hand, and when he slowly inserted a second, a third finger and started to rub her clit with his thumb, all the built-up pressure, all her sorrow and all her bliss, gathered within her, blazing-hot and explosively forceful. Feeling her control tumbling away as she came hard, she clamped her inner muscles vigorously around his fingers and cried out his name, like a prayer and a thank you to the man who had given her everything and had expected nothing in return. “Rodney!”

In the aftermath of this love-making – and indeed love-making it was, Elizabeth was sure of that – they sat there together, still in the position he had brought them into.

She glowed, he decided after gazing at her, enjoying the dreamy look on her face. He knew that he had given it to her.

He glowed, she decided. Not only had he given the most precious things to her, namely his love and trust, but he had proven to be unconditionally generous.

Kissing him gently on the lips, she smiled and leaned her head onto his shoulder once more. The prospect of another day in this galaxy had just become easier to face.

the end
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