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{ Fanfic "RTFM" }

Fanfic: RTFM
Fandom: SGA
Pairing/Characters: Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka, ?
Category: humour, drabble
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Language: English
Disclaimer: SGA isn't mine.
Words: 522
Short cut: Rodney turned the cylindric object in his hands around itself several times, searching for the reason why it did not work.
Dedication: For taelonmahal - Merry Christmas, Verena! :D


Rodney turned the cylindric object in his hands around itself several times, searching for the reason why it did not work.

Nothing. Not one thing happened. Darn it! Rodney was annoyed. No, scratch that – he was becoming more pissed off by the minute. His brow was furrowed in concentration.

Radek leant in as to take a closer look. Rodney in return held the cylinder out of view, but otherwise ignored the man standing beside him.

Radek sighed quietely. Damn this pigheaded man!

„Let me have a look, please,“ he inquired softly.

Rodney’s glare was still fixed on the cylinder, the wrinkles on his forehead becoming even deeper as he fumbled and pressed and hit at it to get it started.

„I’ll have it any minute now,“ the Canadian insisted, looking under the object to check whether the power mechanism he was searching for mysteriously had appeared since the last time he had checked the bottom.

Radek refrained from snatching the cylinder out of Rodney’s defensive grip and smashing the thing against the opposite wall. Whose idea had it been anyway? They always had enough fun without any toys and tools, and just because something was there Radek still did not see the necessity to use it. That was different with Rodney. Radek had to put an end to this.

„Rodney... let it be. We’ll do fine without it.“ Radek’s voice echoed quietely through the silent and semi-dark room.

„I almost... almost have it...“, came the distracted answer of the Physicist as he pressed the power button for the bazillionst time. For the bazillionst time nothing happened.

Rodney’s grunt of rage was interrupted by Radek. „Look – you’ve turned this thing around and around, you’ve even opened the damn thing to check the circuits, and it doesn’t work, so please – let it be.“ And more softly he added: „We don’t need it.“

Before Rodney could elaborate on how much he wanted to use it, the door opened.

Against the light of the hallway a tall man was silhouetted who didn’t seem the least surprised when he noticed the two scientists standing there behind the counter of the mess hall.

The intruder came near and casually stepped beside Rodney and Radek, fetching some napkins and the honey from the shelf.

Rodney looked rather edgy at Colonel Sheppard.

„Might we help you with anything?“

John looked at Radek, then at Rodney, standing there in the kitchen of Atlantis’ mess hall, fiddling with a mixer.

A small grin formed on his lips before he took the thing out of Rodney’s hands, opened a small hidden compartment and nudged the batteries inside. John closed the compartment, and pushing the power button, the mixer came to life with a loud noise.

He savoured the shocked look on Rodney’s face a bit before he switched the mixer off and put it back on the counter.

„There’s a lose connection in the battery circuit sometimes. At least that’s what it says in the manual.“

He smiled wryly, took the napkins and the honey and looked once more at Rodney and Radek before leaving.

„RTFM, guys. RTFM.“


Tags: [category]: humour, [celebs]: john sheppard, [char]: radek zelenka, [char]: rodney mckay, [ships]: mclenka, [tv]: sga, fanfic

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