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{ 1 Heroes moodtheme }

[01] misc. Heroes moodtheme

[+] want > take > have > credit.
[+] comments are sugar :)
[+] do not alter!
[+] do not hotlink. It happened before and I wasn't a happy camper!
[+] enjoy!

There are three versions of the same theme - one with round, and two with square borders - one of those has a frame, the other hasn't. As usual, there are 132 moods and no repeats :)
Show of hands, who goes nuts with me because of the hiatus???

>> preview <<

[+] png format, adminconsolecodes.txt file is included

round borders: download on

square with frames: download on

square without frames: download on

>> HOW TO INSTALL (paid and free accounts)

Please do credit me in your user info - it means that other people can find my stuff =) Oh, and watch out for the oncoming Sylar moodtheme >:)

Do you want to affiliate with _karmageddon_? Please comment here. :)
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