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With an invincible drive, ROC-A-FELLA's finest new family member Kanye West reveals how his pathway to an accomplished life, love, and success are critical to the glory of his victory. Kanye West, a 26-year old Chicago native is on his way to staking a solid claim as one of hip-hop's elite. He is the new sound, style and culture of today's hip-hop. Blessed with a creative passion set aside for a chosen few. The producer/rapper has a gift so powerfully instinctive that it is as natural to him as the air he breathes. Kanye exudes this gift through his being and becomes it. This is the intensity for which he reveres his emotion for life; the people in his corner, and of course his music.
He got his start back in the third grade when he discovered his passion, writing and rhyming. He progressed and began making beats when most kids were still playing hide and seek on the playground. His favorite past time became an occupational goal as a teenager when he came across NO I.D. a Chicago beat mastering producer who at the time produced an up in coming rapper who at the time went by the name Common Sense (now Common). This was a chance encounter that would become the pivotal opportunity to shape his future career in music. NO I.D. encouraged Kanye to sample from soulful old school hits and revive them with a new school flavor. In a MTV interview, Kanye explains, "NO I.D. told me 'you need to sample off records' when I found that out, it was all over." Kanye was signed to ROC-A-FELLA in 2002; the reality of a fathomable vision finally came in to view. Several big name labels had courted him at the time including Cash Money Millionaires, but the “R-O-C" had the stepping-stone he was looking for. Rather than his wildest dream come true, Kanye saw this as a calculated step to achieve the goals he had implemented for himself. "I am always confident in myself that what I put my all in, I could do it", he tells the MTV reporter. This is also the unwavering confidence he fiercely brings in to the ring to fight for an MC heavyweight title. This direction was put on the backburner for while but he always intended to step in the studio as an artist once his career as a producer took off. His focus is to establish himself as a dynamic one man, bringing the rhymes and the rhythm with innovation and originality.

In addition to his highly anticipated album, “The College Dropout”, West is currently in the studio producing tracks for Twista, Donell Jones, Beanie Siegel, Dead Prez, Ludacris and one of his most excited ventures, a project with Scarface. At this stage in the game Kanye West is taking everything in stride. With the support of his inner circle and his self derived ambition, he is geared up to learn his lessons and perfect his craft for the masses, proving that a kid named Kanye can make heads bounce from coast to coast.


AOL Music airs Kanye West's special pre-Grammy performance featuring John Legend & and other special guests.....


For all the fans who weren't able to make it out to the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA tonight, AOL Music has captured the special show and is now airing broadcasts of the live performance on its website.  Check out Kanye West's performance - featuring John Legend and more!!! - exclusively on AOL Music 



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