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AGE: 31

PRO: After a jolting breakup with his fiancée, West flew to Hawaii for a few weeks and returned with 808s & Heartbreak, a deep-digging confessional that had him singing instead of rapping. It was the riskiest album of his career, and it still managed to go platinum.

CON: His constant reminders of how awesome he is kind of take away from his awesomeness.

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Kanye and Melanie Fiona!

Thanks to the person below who introduced me to Melanie Fiona. I found her blog and she's got lots of videos of her from her european tour with Kanye.

This is what In Touch said about her:
Kanye West knows how to find new talent — and Melanie Fiona is no exception. The R&B singer is currently opening for Kanye during his European tour. Melanie describes her album as crossing “the barriers between ethnicities, genres, age groups and genders. It can’t be defined as just one thing. It’s got a soul that’s something old, yet something new.” Not heading to Europe anytime soon? Not to worry: Melanie will be releasing her album, The Bridge, on Steve Rifkind’s SRC/Universal Motown Records label, in spring 2009.

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