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The Kanye West Fan Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Kanye West Fan Community

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if kanye were a british chick... [10 Apr 2009|04:20pm]

Lady Sovereign's album, Jigsaw, came out this week... is anyone going to her album release party in NYC? I heard it's going to be unreal. love the album.
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Vote for Kanye on times most influential people [22 Mar 2009|02:18pm]


AGE: 31

PRO: After a jolting breakup with his fiancée, West flew to Hawaii for a few weeks and returned with 808s & Heartbreak, a deep-digging confessional that had him singing instead of rapping. It was the riskiest album of his career, and it still managed to go platinum.

CON: His constant reminders of how awesome he is kind of take away from his awesomeness.

Vote here: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1883644_1883653_1885483,00.html

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Kanye West at South by Southwest, 3.21.09 [22 Mar 2009|10:05am]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

+ Stage entrance: "Amazing"
+ Kanye + Common and miss Badu
+ Kanye + Common Get 'em High
+ G.O.O.D. Music Showcase
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Kanye Peforming Swagga like us and wins 2 grammy awards [09 Feb 2009|04:19pm]


along side M.I.A., T.I., Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne

Won 2 grammy awrds for
"Swagga Like Us" Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (with T.I., Jay-Z, & Lil Wayne) Won
"American Boy" (with Estelle) Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Won

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anyone hear this yet? [30 Jan 2009|05:36pm]


it's novel's song "808 and mixtape."

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Rapper Kanye West May Be Bisexual [22 Jan 2009|05:33pm]

Reports are coming in that suggest Kanye West may be bisexual.

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Video of Kanye and Melanie Fiona! [11 Dec 2008|01:41pm]

Check out this video of Melanie Fiona and Kanye on tour in Europe!

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Kanye and Melanie Fiona! [08 Dec 2008|04:43pm]

Thanks to the person below who introduced me to Melanie Fiona. I found her blog and she's got lots of videos of her from her european tour with Kanye.

This is what In Touch said about her:
Kanye West knows how to find new talent — and Melanie Fiona is no exception. The R&B singer is currently opening for Kanye during his European tour. Melanie describes her album as crossing “the barriers between ethnicities, genres, age groups and genders. It can’t be defined as just one thing. It’s got a soul that’s something old, yet something new.” Not heading to Europe anytime soon? Not to worry: Melanie will be releasing her album, The Bridge, on Steve Rifkind’s SRC/Universal Motown Records label, in spring 2009.

video blog after the jumpCollapse )
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SPIN.com: When Did Kanye's Music Stop Being Fun? [04 Dec 2008|02:05pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Remember when listening to a Kanye West album didn't feel like mowing the yard or cleaning out the gutters or changing a diaper? You know, work you don't get paid for?


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Melanie Fiona? [01 Dec 2008|07:13pm]

Did anyone else catch Melanie Fiona on European KW tour? I'm really digging her!!!
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Hey, Jingle Ball Fans!!! Interested in all the up-to-date information about this year’s Jingle Ball?!? Be sure to take a peek at everything there is to know about *Jingle Ball past and present* right here:


MSG.com currently has a wealth of photos and videos from last year's event... (PLUS previews for this year's upcoming show) being added daily!

For your viewing pleasure check out photos of this year’s lineup with incredible artists like Kanye West right here (more Kanye content will be added so be sure to keep checking back)!!

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___ [30 Nov 2008|12:52am]
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__ [30 Nov 2008|12:46am]

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Listen To Kanye's New Album "808s And Heartbreak" [24 Nov 2008|11:30am]

Check out a few tracks from his new album for free!

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Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader? Take The Quiz [09 Sep 2008|11:49am]

Join Kanye West in supporting Education

Click Here To Participate And Learn How You Can Help Support Education

Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader? Take The Quiz


Click Here To Post The Quiz On Your Site

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Germany Hip-Hop!! Новое жеское звучание!!! [02 Jun 2008|01:01am]


Приветствую.....короч такая вещь :-)...... пока на торренте (Torrent), потом планируется портал(сайт)... я выкладываю немецкий саунд.... почти все известные немецкие лейблы .....A.G.G.R.O., Ersguterjunge/Bushido, Optik Records, Sekten Muzik, Almassiva / Massiv, Hell Raisa / Streetlife, Amstaff,ILM, Hirntot и др. Немецкий саунд отличается своей жескостью и агрессией, но так же и без Есенин_ов не обошлось, без уличной лирики в нше время никуда! Поэтому какждый найдет там что-то свое ;-) http://torrents.ru/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1601977 тут список моих раздач. Правда чтоб вам попасть на страницу, прийдется зарегится и качнуть спец прогу ( которую можно будет качнуть на самом сайте)..... Все свежие релизы итд там есть, к примеру альбом Sido- ich und meine maske, Kaisa und Basstard - 666, Automatikk - Jenseits Von Eden уже вчера были там ;-) .... так что все добро пожаловать..... Если будут какие то предложения или пожелания, пишите рассмотрю ;-)

П.с. так же советую заскакивать ко мне в дневник,--->
http://mein-sound.livejournal.com <--- там будет инфа о новых релизах, обновлениях в моей раздаче и новостях!
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About 350 pics of Graffit Art in Rome Italy -- ill!!!!! [28 May 2008|05:11am]

About 350 pictures of pieces, murals and street art all over Rome, Italy -- some increadible art -- some Hip-Hop culture on a truly global scale!

pics are seperated into two galleries .. enjoy!
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[04 Feb 2008|08:37pm]

who else is hype about this? tour dates aren't out yet, but should be soon. i'm only positively assuming he's coming to dallas.
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PYROCLASTIC FLOW - Best of GZA (Wu-Tang) - free mixtape download [05 Dec 2007|05:01am]

go to http://www.RiotSound.com to download PYROCLASTIC FLOW* - THE BEST OF GZA/GENIUS --- 25 track free mixtape download

8 DIAGRAMS drops December 11th --- the mighty Wu-Tang Clan is back THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!

*PYROCLASTIC FLOW: a devasting result of volcanic eruptions, a pyroclastic flow is a fast-moving current of hot gas and rock which can travel away from a volcano at a speed of up to 700 kilometers per hour, reaching tempertures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

download it here

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Kanye on Education [05 Sep 2007|06:18am]

Kanye West releases Video PSA on Education

Please go HERE and rate this video
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