Strong Spirits

This is a birthday fic for Carole, aka abby_normal, aka who knows who else. I almost forgot to post it over here! (We need more Merry fic!)

Please click on the link below for Strong Spirits -- in which Frodo and Merry discover that some spirits are stronger when combined. (Warning: Definitely NC-17 in a couple of places.)

There are obvious "tips of the hat" to Carole's fics included in the story, mostly for her enjoyment, but also for those who know her work.

Although it is on the site, I offer again, my sincerest appreciation to my beta gottafilk without whom the darn thing just wouldn't have gotten DONE!! MWAH.

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This is an LOTR fanfic I wrote as a school assignment for my British Literature class last fall. Our assignment was to write a one page (*ahem* Yeah, I went a tad bit over that *cough*) story illustrating a common aphorism or saying. As I love to jump at the chance to do anything hobbit-related, I decided to have fun with the assignment. Choosing the aphorism "a job worth doing is worth doing well", I created this little story.

Title: Quintessential Took
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,053
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Merry and Pippin
Sadly, I don't own these charming characters (if ever I tell you otherwise, kindly do me the favor of not believing me). The characters Merry and Pippin (as well as Diamond and Estella), Middle Earth, and The Lord of the Rings series belong to Professor J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm merely borrowing them for my own personal fun...I promise to return them intact to their creator :)
Author's Note: This story is post-Quest and takes place in 1426 (by Shire Reckoning). Both lads are staying at the Hall for the Yule festivities. Merry is 44 and Pippin is 36 (or 28 and 23 in Man years). Also, a special thank you to Marigold for beta'ing this for me *hugs*

( Pippin stares at me as though I have just asked him what one calls those white puffy things that float in the sky. )
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Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Deb, or PipMer. I am a new member, being a huge Merry fan. I love BOTH Merry and Pippin. I am new to the LoTR fanfic community, although I have been a huge fan of LoTR since I was 12. I am also a new author who is just starting to try her hand at writing, and hope that I can compare with some of the wonderful writers I have already encountered.

I do have a six chapter story I'd like to post the link to here. It's about Merry's emotional journey as he physically journeys to an injured Pippin's side after the battle at the Black Gate. If someone can tell me how to re-name their links so that instead of being the address, it's the story's title, it would be much appreciated. Anyway, here it is, and I hope you enjoy.

Title: If You Should Die Before I Wake
Rating: PG
Summary: After the battle at the Black Gate, Merry receives word of Pippin's condition. Despair and hope battle for Merry's spirit as he journeys to Pippin's side.


I don't know exactly why this happened...

...but I seem to have been given the task, without having been asked or given any prior notification that this might occur, of maintaining this community. The fact is, I hadn't counted on being handed another community to manage, and I don't have much in the way of time.

More to the point, though, is that this community does not seem to be terribly active. Since this is a basic account, I cannot make a poll to find out whether or not the members and watchers wish to have it continue. I am asking, therefore, for comments on the following:

1. Should this community continue, or should it be deleted?

2. Would you be willing to act as its mod/maintainer, or as co-mod/maintainer?

While I am maintaining radio silence on LJ in general for a few days, I'll be answering comments on this post, as I take my newly formed obligation to you all quite seriously.

E.T.A.: thuri has graciously offered to return to this community as co-mod, for which she has my undying gratitude. Since she and the very capable allied_biscuit will be at the helm, I shall no longer be a community maintainer, but will be a much happier member of the group. *slides into nice, warm mudbath and sips hot rum toddy*

Artful Spirits


(Crossposting from my LJ, now that it is complete.)

About one month ago, give or take a few days, I promised Carole (aka abby_normal), a birthday fic in honor of her excruciatingly beautiful Frodo/Merry masterpiece Counterpoint. Her majesty ordered a funny and sexy pre-quest Frodo/Merry (I hope it is funny and sexy, but it is DEFINITELY Frodo/Merry).

Please click on the link beneath the cut for Artful Spirits -- in which Frodo and Merry learn that art really is in the eye of the beholder. (Warning: Definitely NC-17 in later chapters.)

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Story update - Crickhollow March 1420

Title: Crickhollow - March 1420
Author: Anso the Hobbit
Characters: Mainly Merry and Pippin
Timeline: Buckland, March SR 1420
Note: I’m too impatient to wait for betaing when I first have written a story, so it's not been betaed yet.
Disclaimer: Not mine. They just own me.

Chapter five is up here
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A ficlet for Merry Monday

It seems that I have been on a young!Frodo-little!Merry kick for a few days. This story came from a bunny of shirebound's. Sometime last year, she had posted a litte starter, that she said anyone was free to use if they wished. It consisted of a bit of dialogue between Bilbo and Frodo right after Frodo had come to live at Bag End. I really loved it, and saved it, until I could come up with the right something to complete it. The part in bold is by Shirebound.

Although Merry does not actually make a personal appearance in the story, it is very *much* *about* Merry, and I hope everyone will get a kick out of it.

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A little ficlet

Here's a little fic featuring young!Frodo and wee!Merry, and just a glimpse of Pippin, which I wrote for abby_normal's birthday.

I'm afraid it doesn't have a title--danachan agreed with me that the one I had was lame--well, actually it was worse than lame, but she was being polite.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Frodo is 21 and Merry is 8 (13 and 6 in Man-years).

EDIT:It has a title now, thanks to gamgeefest "Fair Beginning"
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