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Hello, just a newbie post.

This is probably odd to say but why do I like KaitO? hmmm, they are one of few bands around that are much like the Japanese bands I listen to (yes, sad I know). I listened to the Japanese music because of it's unique sound... but now there is KaitO, a lot like Mummy the Peepshow, Judy and Mary, Mean Machine, Chara etc... only less squeaky O_O; anyway... I'm sure I'm the only one here like that, eh heh.

Hmmm, I'm also seeing them in Luton this weekend, I've not seen them yet and I'm looking forward to it XD

Hello, nice to meet you all, so-on and so-on!
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Hey, am i the only english fan here? I saw KaitO supporting the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in london, and instantly fell in love with the spazzy vocals, it's good to hear another original sounding band :) xx


haha i am soo lame!!
i emailed kaito ages ago begging them to come visit australia and i got a reply BAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!

here it is:

Hi there we would love to come over !!!
Thanks for being into kaitO

From: "ooohcomeon arlene!!!" <hipchick_007@hotmail.com>
To: kaitothepopband@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:16:48 +1100

please visit australia!! please oh please oh please!!

im dying to see you guys live and so are a zillion others!!

please oh please oh please!!!!

lots of love

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Kaito or KaitO

i have a question. its going to sound silly but when writing kaito, are you suposed to make the O at the end a capital? because some people do, and i dont, and my friend said you were suposed to. its not a big deal at all really is it?

join ya'll its a lovely time
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I luuurve Kaito, and it is good to see this community going hard!

As you may have heard, Kaito will be touring with Whirlwind Heat very soon and therefore this shameless promotion link has some relevance I think:


It is my pride and joy, go, look! :)

Bye now,

Kerri xo♥

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Heard kaito on steve lamacq's show aaaages ago.. very cool sound.. sort of forgot about them (shameful) until recently when I went through some old tapes, and then thought ohmygod I must own their records..

I saw them a couple of weeks ago in bristol supporting pretty girls make graves, I was there mainly for kaito, but both bands were incredible, the best gig i've been to recently.. bought the kaito ep and a badge which made me happy..

anyway, x

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