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kaito a go go...

So hello, I've created this community for like minded fans of the wonderful british band Kaito. In the somewhat likely event that I simply end up talking to myself in here I'll refrain from getting too carried away from the get go.

So if you're unfamiliar, who are Kaito? They've been around for a few years now, yet they sound as refreshing as a band thats barely begun. They're a little Sonic Youth, a little Clinic, a little Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a little this, a little that, but don't expect to hear any of those bands when you actually put on a Kaito album for the first time.

I like their randomly yet purposely crafted songs and their acutely clever use of effects. I love the way they seem to spiralling out of control, even in their more tender moments.

They've just cancelled some shows in the U.K. Hopefully this is to save themselves for a big tour of Australia in the near future (oh how I wish)...
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