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Hello! I hate newbie posts, but as I'm a newbie I'm going to have to do one anyway! I've liked KaitO for aaaaaaaaaaaaageeeeees now, if you look on the KaitO website under the reviews section for the montigola underground ep (i think, it was ages ago) i scanned the review thing from Kerrang (when i used to get it, not sure why, hehe!)
I was going to go see them in December supporting Pretty Girls Make Graves, and I was a loooot more excited about KaitO than I was about PGMG (although I do like them too!) And then it got cancelled, gosh darn it. Ever since my friend Joe introduced me to them I've been dying to go see them but they've never been to Manchester that I've been aware of or if they have I haven't been able to go.
The only KaitO thing that I own is the Montigola Underground EP which I bought when I was sick of looking for You've seen us.... you must have seen us, and not being able to find it. I was so desperate to own something by them that I bought it despite its rip off price tag... oh well!
I wish KaitO were more well known over here, but I have just seen the Should I video on the amp (the second KaitO video that I've ever seen, I saw the video for shoot shoot once on late night mtv2, hurrah) so maybe things are looking up?

I'm rambling now!!! And I really need to get you've seen us.......... and band red (although they haven't released that over here yet, the cheeky little monkeys) Ho hum. I did actually see you've seen us... in hmv the other day but it was something stupid like £16.99 ($30, as I'm gathering that most of you are american!) so.... i didn't buy it. They have it for £11.99 or £10.99 ($21 and $21 respectively) on amazon though I think, and as I can't see me finding them any cheaper anywhere I will just have to splash out a bit!

ANYWAY. I'm really going to stop rambling and go away now, byeeeee!
Jen xx
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