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ah kaito...

well, i first heard kaito when they came here (fresno, california) in, i believe, march of 2002. i hadn't heard them before i saw the show. i wondered how good could they be, it's fresno! but i was totally blown away. i hung out with dave after the show and we talked for a long time. then they came back for another show and that was awesome too. at the first show hardly anyone came and me and my friend were the only ones dancing. by the time they came again EVERYONE was dancing! while they were here we went to see some other cool bands play and just hung out. we had a wicked good time. i've also seen them play at this steak house about an hour away from my town. and also at the bottom of the hill in SF. it's been a great experience getting to hang out with them and watching them grow as a band. i could write an entire essay on my kaito experiences, but i've said enough already! kaito is as cool as it gets! i hope i get to see them play again someday.
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