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red devils
too hot to handle
20th-Nov-2005 02:35 am(no subject)
Kathleen high school.....

You cant go anywhere without hearing how "scene" someone/thing is.

Good Charlotte is Death Metal.

Youre purposely late to class so you can go to the learning center and get out of that math test.

The band kids hide out in the bandroom away from the football players.

Everyone looks forward the the lakeland game except the freshman.

The talk of the day is how 15 kids got arrested for beating a kid with a bat over a fucking DEER.

Its normal when a girl gets caught giving head to 12 guys in the bathroom.


You think nothing of the tractors parked in the senior lot.

The rumors of "baby powder" are way better than what actually had happened.

Everyone knows who "Gorilla girl" is.

You sleep through half of the day and wonder why you havent passed the FCAT.

More than half of the school still hasnt passed the FCAT.

You cant roll into school without hearing country music.

The latest on the dead cow in the AG department is yet to be discovered.

Your cigarette Mule is Jake....the security guard.

EVERYONE knows who Jake is.

You hate the "Devil Worshippers"

KNN is the worst start of the day.

Your English teacher was previously a stripper...and thats normal.

You feel bad, yet irritated by the numerous times youve been told about your substitute teacher's burn wounds.

You cant afford paper for class, yet you have to pick up your Ipod and cellphone after school.

Country western day is EVERYDAY.
You're always looking to hitch a ride on the golfcart to your next class.

You never notice the Reak of Sulfur anymore.

You always try to avoid the big crowds in Q-wing...yet never manage to.

D-wing cookies are special and extra moist.

Classes are cancelled due to stray cows, bomb threats, and random unorganized power outages.

Jars of rubber cement have been known to make great hall passes.

You bum a smoke off your Teachers.

The band director is in better shape than your P.E. teachers. ( no, really)

You bribe your P.E. Teacher with her chocolate so you dont lose your head.

Everyone knows how to fucking INFER!

The science classes disect Hobos due to lack of funds.
5th-Nov-2005 12:29 am(no subject)
any one go to the lakeland game tonight?

i almost cried.
21st-Oct-2005 06:01 pm(no subject)
wow im new here, seems pretty cool.............OMFG i cant belive we lost GOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we HAVE to kick lakelands ASS
12th-Oct-2005 05:23 pm - wacky tacky day pictures
i would have taken more but i left school early. srry.

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9th-Oct-2005 10:57 am(no subject)
dose anyone know if we won the miami game on friday night? what was the score?
22nd-Sep-2005 03:47 pm - football game
kathleen vs. auburndale.

tickets sold during lunch tomorrow.

no pep rally.
17th-Sep-2005 08:03 pm - kathleen vs. lake wales
24 to 10
16th-Sep-2005 06:32 am(no subject)
OH MY GOODNESS! we finally have a community just for our school! gesh!
THANX--♥ Amanda
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