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The people who love to hurt you...

Go figure they're all right here.

Have you bashed somebody today?
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[About This Community]
The complete and total purpose of this community is to vent out your anger and to make sure that all the frustraition that you may have gets let out here, and if you like starting shit this is the place to be! There will no longer be themed bashing as previously mentioned when the community was first created, but if people really want it then they can make up their own themes or suggest themes.

[What Can You Post About?]
You can post about just anything that pisses you off, or if you're bored you can do whatever. I'm not really picky on what I see in here but if it gets bad, you will get banned. I'm not a very harsh moderator to be honest, but please be respectful of other people. I understand that sometimes it can be hard to be respectful while bashing but I don't want any homosexual or any politically incorrect bashing going on because I feel that's offensive to more then it is funny. I will have a ZERO tolerance policy for anyone posting pictures of people with names if they're bashing them, posting conversations with REAL screen names or emails, or just unnecessary harassing. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience but you have been FORWARNED. Do not post about other communities unless they are under a cut and if you do advertise make sure you know that I can delete them if I do not like them. NO SPAMMING.

[Rules Of Applying/Voting]
Read all the rules before deciding to put up an application. By putting up an application you are basicly signing yourself over to this community saying that you fully understand the rules and that feelings may be hurt but that's the purpose in this community so suck it up. If you do not want to join then please just click here so that I don't have to deal with you. My time is very precious and so is everyone elses in the community so please have a found respect for your fellow LJ users and follow the goddamn rules. If you happen to want to join, you must complete the application within 24 hours of joining. If not, you will be deleted. You can not post until you've been accepted and when you're accepted you WILL know. You can apply ONLY ONCE and if you are rejected then I'm sorry, you'll have to deal with it. You must fill out the complete application. Copy and paste the contents in the box below and do not delete tags or use rich text format because those tags are put there for a reason!

I have stupid proofed this for you to be nice, so if you fuck it up then you're just stupid. Where it says "ANSWER" that's where you type in the answer. Make sure you put it nowhere else or the font tags will mess you up. Please remember to be out of rich text mode when you post this. All you literally have to do is copy and paste so please don't make it any harder than it should be.

When you finally get around to posting the application it should be set up as follows:
[X] All the text tags should still be in tact.
[X] All of the questions should have an answer.
[X] Your subject title should read "Please don't shoot!"
[X] You must make the application FRIENDS ONLY all other posts can be public.
[X] You can comment towards people, but if they vote no it's likely they're not going to change their mind.
[X] No nude or obscene photos in the application please.

That should be about it, if you're dumb enough to screw this up then you're not worthy of being in this community or really existing.

If you would like to be a moderator or maintainer as the community grows I will be taking requests. I would really like some help with some designs so if you'd like to be a maintainer or make me some layouts that'd be great! Just email me at traurigaugen@gmail.com !
grungekitten Moderator,Creator.


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