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1. You must be 13 or older to apply.
2. Submit your application survey no later than one week after you join, or you will be removed from the members list.
3. dOnT tAlKk lIk DiSs. It is annoying and very hard for other members to read.
4. Don't write essay-like answers on your application, just enough for other members to understand who you are.
5. Put your application under a lj-cut so that it won't take up a lot of space on other member's friend's pages. Put "I am beautiful" in the subject line or application so I know you read all of this.
6. Please vote on other people's application to decide whether or not they should be accepted. Put Yes or No in the subject line and list a few reasons why you did or did not like them.
7. You will be stamped after 2-3 days of voting. Do not vote or post entries unless you've been stamped!!!, otherwise you will receive a rejected stamp regardless of what the voting results are.
8. Don't argue and get upset when another person comments on your application. If you don't like what they say, say that and that's it. But please, everyone be respectful.
9. Promote! We're a new community and need new members!
10. Do not promote other communities in here. They will be deleted and marked as spam.

Also, we have a points system. Here it is:
2 points for promoting (provide links in an entry)
2 points for putting up your theme
2 points for referring a friend
5 points for voting
5 points for filling out a survey
10 points for a banner that you make (can be a promotional one, or rejected or accepted banner)
You get a free auto-accept once you earn 60 points

Application Survey

Favorite Musicians/Singers:
Single or Taken?:
Favorite Color:
How'd you find us?:

Hair color:
Eye Color:
Do you have glasses?:
How about any piercings or tattoos?:

A Little Deeper
Name one person you consider an idol and why:
If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is one thing you would bring?:
Have you ever drank, done drugs, or smoked?:
Use 5 words to describe your personality:

What Are Opinions On...
Today's definition of beauty?:

Now promote us in 2 communities and 1 journal. Make sure you put the link!:


Accepted Stamps

Rejected Stamps