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Can you tell I have a little too much time on my hands since I already posted the pictures and now I'm doing the survey? lol.. I was supposed to be at orientation for school all day (woo classes start monday!) so my friend is watching Hayden at her house but they let us out early and now I miss him and I realize when he isn't around I have no idea what to do with myself! but yaaaay survey:

Bold all that apply.

01. I like the color of healthy grass.
02. Winter sucks.
03. I need a job.
04. I hate stupid people
05. I dance.
06. None of my body is double jointed.
07. I stay up late.
08. Watching people get physically hurt by accident (ex. tripping, slipping) makes me laugh
09. I love the beach.
10. I've only had Chinese food twice.
11. Jumping on bubble wrap is a favorite pasttime of mine.
12. Harry Potter is good.
13. I miss my long hair, even though I seem to look much better without it.

14. I get poison ivy all the time.

15. I sometimes make up ridiculous songs with my friends.
16. I love pajama pants. <--- I own more pajama pants than regular pants lol
17. I am attracted to boys with shaggy or curly hair.

18. I have a tattoo.
19. I hate crying in public.
20. I want to visit Las Vegas.
21. I love music.
22. I could spend the rest of my life reading.

23. Strawberries are awesome

24. I like Harry Potter.
25. I love soccer.
26. I would like to visit New Mexico.
27. Pets rule too.
28. I dislike prejudice.
29. I hate hearing ignorant people talk.
30. The internet clears my boredom sometimes

31. I play lots of video gamess.
32. I like to read past livejournal entries.
33. I am quiet sometimes. <-- I'm quiet a lot of the time lol

35. I love 80's teen movies.
35. I love my friends.
36. 'I Love the 80's' was a very informative show.
37. I think stripes are spiffy.
38. My dad has a secret fan club which consists of most my female friends.

39. I do a lot of surveys.
40. I am strange.

41. Vegetables are gross.
42. I wish people knew just how much they meant to me.
43. Kissing is a very strange (but delightful) concept.

44. Justin Timberlake rools.

45. People should stop saying "I'll be there" if they know they can't.
46. I hate being sick.

47. I really like chocolate.
48. I like looking at photography.
49. I enjoy watching and listening to lightning storms.

50. I apparently do not get enough sleep

51. The smell of Subway sandwiches makes me want to vomit. <-- If only Carly could read that lol
52. I like clothes.

53. I hated elementary school.
55. I am mature enough to be immature at the right time.
56. TV rots your brain. =)
57. Valentine's Day is a pointless holiday.
58. Adoption is awesome!
59. I wish I hung out with all my friends, more.
60. Nice people are underappreciated.

61. School is one big joke.
62. I love kisses. Especially Hershey's chocolate.
63. Morons are sometimes entertaining.

64. My friends are very interesting.
65. J.Lo is totally hott.

66. Cartoons annoy me, but animated sitcoms are ok.
67. Comfortable can still look good.
68. My hair is fried.
69. I volunteer at an animal shelter.
70. Tara can't spell. (WHO?)
71. Grilled cheese = best ever.
72. Pirates are sexy for the most part. (sure, why not)
73. Caitlin is awesome!
74. I don't like wearing sneakers.

75. I never make New Years Resolutions.
76. Chocolates are so yummy.
77. I wish this town didn't suck.
78. My friends say I'm crazy.
79. Sometimes I think it would be fun to be on a shipwrecked island.
80. I space out a lot.
81. I am a big klutz some of the time
82. Sometimes I wish my brain would just shut up.
83. I wish people would stop saying our generation is "going nowhere."
84. I am a very big procrastinator.
85. I want to live in a big city.
86. I am picky about my hair.

87. I am silly.

88. I gave and received many excellent Christmas presents.
89. Small talk bothers me.
90. I own a mood ring that only turns about 3 different colors.

91. I love chapstick.
92. I throw like a girl

93. My family is extremely dysfunctional <-- But in a fun way lol
94. I hate shopping.
95. I hate art.
96. I was once electrical-taped to a big tree.

97. My skin is really dry in the winter.
98. I am a bit too blunt sometimes.
99. I want to attend college out of state. U of O!!
100. I don't love smoking and driving
101. Don't drink and drive.
102. I don't understand internet communities.

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