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All right everyone. This community isn't all that active, so I have a few ideas to try to make it a bit more active.

1. We'll be having a weekly theme. This week's theme: Babies! Post a picture of your baby, a neice, nephew, sibling, or just a cute baby picture you found!

2. Once or twice a week, I will post a survey for everyone to fill out

3. We'll be having a points system. Here it is:

2 points for promoting (provide links in an entry)

2 points for putting up your theme

2 points for referring a friend

5 points for voting

5 points for filling out a survey

10 points for a banner that you make (can be a promotional one, or rejected or accepted banner)

I'll post an update with the points at the end of each week. Once you get 60 points you get a free auto-accept for a friend.

The points system is starting now, so voting on previous apps doesn't count.

If you have any other ideas let me know!

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