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I am Beautiful

Name: Jackie
Age: 15
Location: East Tennessee
Favorite Musicians/Singers: One of my favorite bands right now is Oasis..I love their music..and I like Thrice their both really good bands.
Single or Taken?: Single like a pringle and ready to mingle =0)
Favorite Color: Jelly Bean Green
Hobbies/Interests: Im interested in anything skydiving,scubadiving etc. My hobbies trampoline :p..hanging out with friends...normal stuff i suppose
How'd you find us?: I was just searching through livejournal.. and figured hey.. looks like a neet community

Hair color: Blonde!..its fake though..but it looks alot better blonde than a brunette
Eye Color: haha green.. dont you love all the green on this App.
Height: Im short..5'2
Do you have glasses?: No, but when i was in kindergarten i lied and told my mom i couldnt see and lied to the eye doctor just so i could get glasses.. =0p
How about any piercings or tattoos?:
I have 2 holes in each ear.. i think thats all i need

A Little Deeper
Name one person you consider an idol and why: My mom is deffinatley an Idol to me...shes had one of the hardest lifes out of anybody i know.. shes strong for my family and she works really hard..She is a very strong person who has over came alot of obsticals in her life and i admire her dearly for it!
If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is one thing you would bring?: I would bring...FRIENDS!
Have you ever drank, done drugs, or smoked?:I'm not going to lie...Ive drank before.. but i hate it.. if i go to partys.. im there to watch out for friends and make sure they dont do anything they would end up regretting the next day .. I dont do drugs .. but i do smoke.. it's my fault for being so naive..When i first started high school I got into the wrong crowd.. and before i knew it.. thats what i had to show for it.... Im deffinately trying to quit.. and it was very hard on my family..but one day soon hopefully..Ill be smoke free
Use 5 words to describe your personality: Outgoing,Optomistic,Funny,Bubbley,Caring
What Are Opinions On...
Smoking/Drugs?: My uncle does drugs and Ive seen where it takes you ...I wouldnt want to go through that ...I want to make something of myself.. as for smoking..Its Highly addictive.. and yes I do it.. its embarressing...and deffinatley not something im proud of..
Drinking?: Drinking gets alot of people killed..because they do not know how to handle it responsabley....I think if your going to drink ,know how much you can handle and do it safely..dont be driving afterwards
Today's definition of beauty?: Society has changed todays outlook on Beauty.. they say that you have to be a size 0 to be beautiful.. I think true beauty comes within.. wether your a size 0- any size.. it comes from the heart ..and that really matters

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