Hey everyone....

hey there new to the scene and it already.....
i ahve had loads of probs with joining groups and stuff on other sites and im totally fed up with the losers that join just to slag people off.....its really sad....and i wanna sayt hanks for final giving me a group where stuff like that is watched and stoped.....

Oh yeah..LOVE ASHLEE>>>lol
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Hi guys..

I'm thinking of starting an Ashlee slash community. Slash, being same sex sex , just in case you didnt know lol! So it would be Ashlee slash fics (with other girls), or slashy pictures... If any of y'all would be interesed in joining such a community or helping me moderate, comment and I'll be in contact!

Thanks, and I hope this doesnt break some terrible rules!!
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hey guys just wanted to say i cant wait until ashlee's new album comes on it is going to rock because it is an 80's alubum hey if you cant wait ether come talk about it at


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