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Instructions for Posting

[x] When posting your bars please use an LJ Cut or if you are posting via your journal use a Hypertext Link (i.e. a fake cut). Don’t know how? Go here. Also, you MUST put the content of each post in the subject line. Separate each bar-topic by a comma EG. Subject: Pizza, Gossip Girl, Twilight. This helps with our memories.

If you want to get lots of feedback, we suggest you create a master post and then post the "fake cut" in many colorbar communities (check our affiliates), linking back to your master post.

[x] When entering a challenge follow the rules posted in that specific challenge post.

[x] When promoting other communities HERE, please try to promote us somewhere! Rmember you MUST be an accepted artist. Use LJ-cuts and only promote graphics communities. If you try to promote anything else you will lose your privilege to promote. Thanks!

[x] When voting on applications put “Yes” or “No” in the subject line. Don’t say “maybe”, "sway me" or “only if you…” etc, this wont be counted. If you change your mind, DELETE your comment and re-comment. Rudeness will not be tolerated, give constructive criticism. We are not crazy perfectionists here, we want good, creative and different bars, not the SAME OLD boring thing everytime. If someone has potential but their bars aren't "perfect", say Yes and give them some real advice to improve their bars.

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