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Just Add Color
Prepare to hold your color.
Hello all,

Just an update to say I changed some settings to allow posting access to everyone and LJ automatically re-invites idle members. Apologies if you left the community a while ago and get an annoying email!

Sooo its been a while since I've posted anything, but good to see the community is still kicking it. Glad to see some new bars, keep posting! =)

Xx Mod
3rd-Jun-2010 09:55 am - Twilight Lovebars
zaifira lj icon
~~ Edward Cullen 3 lovebars ~~
~~ Jacob Black 3 lovebars ~~


all lovebars HERE @ [info]zaifira 

4th-May-2010 06:05 pm - cats and dogs are love
zaifira lj icon
~~ 2 cats lovebars ~~
~~ 2 dogs lovebars ~~


all lovebars are HERE @ [info]zaifira
10th-Apr-2010 10:25 am - city lovebars
zaifira lj icon
~~ 2 lovebars: Ireland ~~
~~ 2 lovebars: Paris ~~
~~ 2 lovebars: New York ~~


all lovebars @ [info]zaifira
24th-Mar-2010 06:30 pm - lovebar: coffee and tea
zaifira lj icon
~~ 2 tea lovebars ~~
~~ 2 coffee lovebars ~~


all lovebars here @ [info]zaifira
8th-Feb-2010 08:08 pm - 2 Valentine's Day-inspired colobars
So amazing that is Anna Tsuchiya.
From Katy Towell's "Cupid Last Stand"

[1] Stella (the main character)
[1] Valentine's Day-inspired "love is in the air"

right this way...
19th-Jul-2009 07:11 pm - 9 colorbars!
So amazing that is Anna Tsuchiya.
 [4] foods (cupcakes,donuts,cookies,candies)

..some anime
[1] Hisoka from HunterxHunter
[1] Mello from Death Note
[1] Near from Death Note

..from Childrin R Skary series

[1] Emily from The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten
[1] Genevieve from When Genevieve Ruled the World

this way...

17th-Jan-2009 12:53 am...
Hey guys,

I was messing around with the members page and taking off people who have left but accidentally sent out a few invites. Whoops.

Sorry to anyone who gets an annoying spammy email asking them to join again.

By the way, colorbar challenges are pretty much dead everywhere, but I will put up another challenge if anyone wants it!!
15th-Jan-2009 12:48 pm - 8 colorbars/lovebars for you.
So amazing that is Anna Tsuchiya.
[3] Trinity Blood
[5] HunterxHunter

follow me!
12th-Dec-2008 01:04 am...
Living color
Any ideas for the next challenge?
15th-Nov-2008 11:43 pm...
Kitty Cat
It seems that all the colorbar communities have died down as of late (although this one has started contests agian, which is awesome!), and someone has just started a new community that only does colorbar contests!!!! We need more people to join to make the experience worth-while, so if you make colorbars or collect them, please join!

13th-Nov-2008 03:00 pm - Challenge 19 Voting
Voting is up! You decide who is best at adding a lil' color...

VotingCollapse )
29th-Oct-2008 09:49 pm...
Hey peeps,

We have 5 entries for the challenge. Not bad.

I have exams this week, but then i'll be on holidays and back into LJ mode.

Will post the voting then!
6th-Oct-2008 07:22 pm - Challenge Reminder Disney
No one wants to enter the challenge?

We only have three entries. That's pretty... sad =(

Remember, anyone can enter challenges now and the theme is Disney... who doesn't love Disney!?!

For those who have entered, I love you. Sorry its taking so long, hopefully more people will enter and we can get a real competition going.
14th-Sep-2008 05:43 pm...
New colourbars (is-love pics)!

Cody Jean
Nature, autumn, flowers
Charlie Hunnam
American pool
Disney's Aladdin


I also take requests here

Everything & more could be found in is_love_pics
JOIN is_love_pics to stay updated!

If you want to post your colourbars and become a maker, then post a comment to an any entry.
19th-Aug-2008 08:39 pm...
Download 6 children colourbars in is_love_pics
If you love pretty little kids this colourbars are for you. Find the others here
You can also request a colourbar if you want!
JOIN is_love_pics to stay upadated!
19th-Aug-2008 08:39 pm - Tutorial for gradient color bar.
Ok so a lot of people have asked me, how on earth do you make a color bar? Here is my attempt at explaining it! This is the first tut I have done, so feedback would be great! Enjoy.

Tutorial for gradient colorbarCollapse )
19th-Aug-2008 05:38 pm - New Challenge!
Living color
I have decided to start up challenges again on realizing there aren't any active colorbar challenges out there at the moment!

This challenge is "Disney". Something we all know and love, so please enter guys!

Also, it is open to anyone who joins the community, not just accepted artists. Contests used to be a privilege for accepted artists, but no one enters anymore, so I say the more the merrier this time around

(Entry and more info here- click click!)
14th-Aug-2008 08:28 pm...
Download 6 colourbars with Mitch Hewer here
Little preview (it's bigger):
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