Changed settings, sorry for potentially annoying email

Hello all,

Just an update to say I changed some settings to allow posting access to everyone and LJ automatically re-invites idle members. Apologies if you left the community a while ago and get an annoying email!

Sooo its been a while since I've posted anything, but good to see the community is still kicking it. Glad to see some new bars, keep posting! =)

Xx Mod
So amazing that is Anna Tsuchiya.

9 colorbars!

 [4] foods (cupcakes,donuts,cookies,candies)

..some anime
[1] Hisoka from HunterxHunter
[1] Mello from Death Note
[1] Near from Death Note

..from Childrin R Skary series

[1] Emily from The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten
[1] Genevieve from When Genevieve Ruled the World

this way...


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Hey guys,

I was messing around with the members page and taking off people who have left but accidentally sent out a few invites. Whoops.

Sorry to anyone who gets an annoying spammy email asking them to join again.

By the way, colorbar challenges are pretty much dead everywhere, but I will put up another challenge if anyone wants it!!
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