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eek [08·21·06 » 12:16AM]

I found my old post on here of introducing myself from years back [ captainemopants ]. I'm lammme. Still am too because today  I still get them hot sauce for every show, haha.  I love Ben's artwork, so I got in touch with him and he agreed to draw up my first tattoo. This makes me "YAY!", but at the same time, who doesn't get nervous about a tattoo. That isn't the important part. What is is that I get to see them this coming Wenesday in what has been the longest time. [From New Orleans, lost house in Katrina, relocated to Baton Rouge, missed out on last show.] It's been atleast a year or so. Anyway, yayyy.
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[04·22·05 » 11:52PM]

does anybody know how to create image maps using html. im trying to make a web page for my band but i just cant get it right, comment and let me know. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[04·05·05 » 02:11AM]

Just found this community. wish i had found it sooner, haha.

Name: Kristen
Age: 20
From: San Antonio, TX
First/Fav Experience with Jupitersunrise: First-when i saw them for the first time and thought they were the best live band i had seen. fav-touring with them through texas, new mexico and arizona.
Fav Song: hmmm... steal me, josie's house, badge of honor, casey, heaven and endless part 2, all of them! haha i can't pick a favorite. the whole cd is great, and the next one will be even better.
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[02·03·05 » 08:04AM]

well guys and gals it looks like im back to using deliriumtrigg
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[01·24·05 » 08:18AM]


new username ppl _k_q_e_d_

add it and ill add you back

Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·28·04 » 09:51PM]

does anybody know of a GOOD web page design program that is FREE?
it seems its kind of hard to find a program that has both of those qualities. but if you do plz tell me. thanks!!
01 Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·17·04 » 12:12PM]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey, thanks for the invite; sorry it took me so long to join! the journal layout looks awesome, i love it.
From:sacramento, CA
Fav Experience with Jupitersunrise: oh, man, i don't know. theyre all classic. probably the first time i saw them live. they had will with them at the time and i got to talk about music with him after the show a little. and everyone signed my tee shirt, haha. :)
Fav Song: Hopeless or Heaven and Endless, i think. they're all so good though.

Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·16·04 » 05:30PM]

Name - ashley

age - 18

location - las vegas

First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys - i was wearing an alkaline trio sweater and ben approached me and asked if i would mind listening to his cd. he explained to me they were a mix of flaming lips, the beatles, and weezer. yeah i bought the cd right away. then he told me they were playing a show that night. so i went. and loved it. then went to a second show a couple months later and ben and i kept in taouch via telephone.
Fav. Songi really love all the songs

Concert Experiences - they are amazing live. i cant put it into words
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·09·04 » 08:54PM]

Hey ya'll!well lets see...I met the band at a mall once upon a time in GA. They invited my friend and I to their upcoming concert and gave us stickers and sample cd's. That was perdy awesome. I dont remember which one it was, but on of the guys liked my Thundercats wristband. They are very nice,very cool guys. Thanx for inviting me to this community! ~muah~
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·05·04 » 01:11PM]

Age:Just turned 17 nov,13th
From:Chicago IL.
Fav Experience with Jupitersunrise: None just listening to em' I first heard Juptersunrise when i bought the Take Action Tour 03'CD last year still Waiting For the JS Boys to sweep through here. I'll make sure to promote this Community to a few buddies and randdumbs!!
Fav Song: ?
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

you turned to me and then i saw my reflection [12·03·04 » 08:15PM]

[ mood | content ]

hello everyone. <3

Name: Justine
age: 16
location: Virginia Beach, VA
First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys: never met them or been to a show...they haven't come here that i've heard of. BUT my friend luke, who introduced me to them, has played halo with them and his band is playin a show with them soon.
Fav. Song: Casey, all the way,
You fav.: mmm thats hard. all of them. i really like that cooking show thing they made once that was on the site. you boys are so silly.

04 Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·02·04 » 09:14AM]

Hey guys. :)

Name: Yorick, or Mike, whichever you prefer.
age: 18
location: Winter Park, Florida. Or Lowell, Massachusetts. Depending on when it is. I'm in Lowell now.
First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys: I've...actually...never met them. I was supposed to go to a show in April but a friend of mine ended up flying in that night. I first heard about them from friends.
Fav. Song: Hrm. Steal me or Kaye.
You fav.: uhm, all of them. \o/
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·02·04 » 12:47AM]

'Tis I, Anna.
Anderson, IN
(fav. moment) Um, finding out about them in an AP article.
(fav. song) Steal Me
(fav. boi) Ben, by far.

I want to see a JS show bad, but Indiana is an awesome band repellent.
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

tonight these stars can shine as our halos [12·01·04 » 10:48PM]

[ mood | amused ]

the name's john
i'm 17
i live over in mckinney, tx
i guess my first/funny/memorable experience
with jupiter sunrise would be their first concert
i saw. i went to see my friends goofy band and
ended up watching js instead and missing my friends, haha.
arthur nix is probly my favorite song, ever
ben's pretty freakin sweet

what's up

Loves Jupiter Sunrise

I won't be awake for much longer... [12·01·04 » 09:59PM]

First time... Ah, well 2 years ago in a coffee house. More memorable and worth first is a year ago in Sally Stiches' [a band's] garage. They come down to New Orleansa bit. Everytime I welcome them with a bottle of hot sauce. Gotta love 'em. They've helped me out alot. Good friends. Insert JS Lyric Here...Collapse ) Every experience has been bliss. Been knowing the guys for about 3 years. They've played shows with my boyfriend's band on many ocasions. I'm king of the rock box when they come to town, and i always give them a welcome gift [Frank's Hot Sauce]. Been good friends with them for about 3 years or so. They care about their fans. Means alot to them. I broke me glasses a show or two back. Worth it. Good times, memories. Love them. Ask them about Hot Sauce Girl, Emily Eck, from New Orleans and they'll tell you. By the way, my name is Emily. [from new orleans, la] I can't decide my favorite song, but me and my lover's song is 'steal me'. We dance to it evertime they come to town. *swoon*
03 Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·01·04 » 08:44PM]




Sierra Vista, AZ

They had a concert here and I couldn't go, so my friend got me their autographs. Made me smile.

Badge of Honor

Oh gosh..um..Aaron.


Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·01·04 » 03:16PM]

Name: Rachael
age: 17
location: Woodstock, GA
First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys: Getting on stage w/ them and getting to play Aaron's bass.
Fav. Song: Steal Me probably
You fav. or the boys...(toughie!): ahh jeez...thats a hard one. Aaron or Ben.

They are such an awesome band! <3
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·01·04 » 12:53PM]

Name: Colleen
age: 21
location: Port Chester and Tarrytown NY
First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys: 3winters ago??? when it was just mark with his friend ben from the orange "guest appearing" for the show
Fav. Song josies house :)
Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·01·04 » 08:43AM]

[ mood | annoyed ]

wow cool
my names mitch
jupiter sunrise came to my town a while ago
i forgot about it and missed it
that sucked

anyways heres that thing

Name: mitch
age: 15
location: boring ass iowa
First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys: i used to think that they were a bad band, but that was before i even listened to one of their songs all the way through. now i think they are quite awesome
Fav. Song: by them....probably arthur nix
You fav. or the boys...(toughie!): either mark or ben

02 Loves Jupiter Sunrise

[12·01·04 » 08:41AM]

[ mood | bouncy ]

To get the ball rolling since this is a brandnew community...

First/funny/memorable experience with the JS boys
Fav. Song
You fav. or the boys...(toughie!)

Albany NY
Playing Halo with the boys in the RV and having Aaron kick all our asses!
Steal me, and the New Heaven and Endless part 2
Its soo hard...But I will have to choose BEn for if it wasnt for his great personality I would of never listened to there CD and gotten to know and love them all
02 Loves Jupiter Sunrise

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