hey, i love the juliana theory as i'm sure you all do. Right now im tyring to get a free mini ipod, and i need to put this link out so it can work. My friend honestly got one in the mail after doing this. Mmmm think of all the juliana theory songs you could put on there. The links in the cut, hope you try it out cause free stuff is the best!

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ok so I can't keep up with everything all the time, because I don't acually use my computer....

so I'm going to choose another mod... a co-mod type thing..
I know what I'm talking about I'm just tired and on medicine haha :)

and I choose electricpink066 because she is doing alot already... :) so yeah... that is if she wants to :)

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ive been so down lately
last night ihad this gut feeling that you get when you do something bad and you have a sick feeling like you're gonna get caught..yea that sucks
and i was like why do i feel like this

and thennn i thought i lost my cell phone and a purple pen i was all sad cuz i was just working on a scrap book for my parents anniversary at the end of aug and i was all sad and i started bawling emenslyl(sp) all cuz i lost the cell phone and a pen...

wtf maybe its because ive found out my friends are total shits!!!!

im not supposed to be like this--ive never acted this fucked up

i need help
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hello hello

so i ordered a juliana theory shirt
i was so excited to get it
it was SUPPOSED to be black and a small
but it was fucking dark grey, well not even dark but this puke color and i like swim in it
i was piiisssed hm but i still wear it
i felt like saying that because this is a juliana theory community

i still forgive them adn love them

ahaha im so lame

{{tell me is this real i need to know}}
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