lappadiddle (lappadiddle) wrote in _julianathe0ry,


Lets just say that TJT is one of my biggest influences of all time. + ppl say i resemble the lead singer, but best of all i saw them live and will never forget it. Great show, great stage prescense and tight like hell. TJT owns.

if u like TJT try my band please.....

This is the drummer Mike from the band eleanor. We are from Jackson NJ and we would appriciate it if you could take a couple of min to check out our band.

[ website | community | purevolume ]

We would love to hear feedback on what you think so feel free to comment back in my LJ. Or you can IM me @ mikelapp1. Im just here trying out a new way to promote. :) Didnt read your journal, i promise.

If you would like to add me to your friends, ill gladly add you back to mine and keep you updated on new songs/merch/tour.

Thanks again and again!!


P.S Sorry if i posted twice!
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