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So, do any TJT fans here live in NY?
My name is Natalie, I've never posted in here before, but I have been a member for a while.
I'm just wondering if anyone from this community is going to the TJT show on March 3rd @ Irving Plaza.
I will be going and I'm looking foward to this show...
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Ok, it's been long enough, and not alot of people put pictures up, but that's ok... we have three and that's enough.

So now vote on these.... reply to this post with the # that you want in the subject (that way it's easy to count, although I know it wont be many anyway)

....Sorry, not griping, just not hving the best week :(

#1- xvegexindiex with This pic
#2- punk4christ247 with This pic
#3- y_cant_eyes_cry with This pic
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