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Normal [22 Jun 2012|08:37pm]


Title: "Normal"
Description: She's not supposed to care about normal.
Fandom: Blue
Genre: Angst
Characters: Blue
Word Count: 339
Author's Note: Spoilers for Episode 4: "Long Day, Blue?" This fic imagines what's going through Blue's mind in the seconds between when she hangs up on her mom and when Josh comes to tuck her in.
Disclaimer: Blue is an American web series created by Rodrigo Garcia, and is produced by him along with Effie Brown. It is a Wigs production and airs on YouTube. All characters, plots and creative elements derived from the source material belong exclusively to their respective owners. I, the author of the fan fiction, do not, in any way, profit monetarily from the story.
Rating: M

( You aren't supposed to care about "normal." )

*Julia Stiles*

Julia Stiles & 10 things I hate abuot you icons [05 Aug 2010|12:39pm]

32 - Julia Stiles for blonde20in20
25 - Behati Prinsloo for model20in20
30 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt guys20in20

30 - 10 Things I Hate About You movie20in20

The rest are here @ hallow_honey
*Julia Stiles*

Julia Stiles Icons [01 Aug 2010|07:58pm]


The rest are here @ hallow_honey
*Julia Stiles*

Icons [23 Jun 2010|10:27am]


*Julia Stiles*

[22 Aug 2009|09:12pm]

[01-06] Carrie Underwood
[07-21] Rosario Dawson
[22-27] Kate Bosworth
[28-33] Mila Kunis
[34-43] Julia Stiles
[44-54] Gladiator
[55-56] Joaquin Phoenix
[57-58] Russell Crowe
[59-61] Gillian Anderson
[62-64] The X-Files (Scully)

more HERE at exclu_silly
*Julia Stiles*

[01 Dec 2008|03:48pm]


more here at my lj
*Julia Stiles*

[27 Nov 2007|09:45pm]

nineteen high school musical cast
six julia stiles
three alexis bledel

charmed I'm sure
*Julia Stiles*

[20 Aug 2007|06:15pm]


[4] text
[8] Eliza Dushku
[10] Julia Stiles

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The rules for taking are after the link to my lj.

Got get some...
*Julia Stiles*

[19 Aug 2007|06:19pm]

1-16 Zhang Ziyi
17-21 Sienna Miller
22-27 Lindsay Lohan
28-41 Mischa Barton
42-43 Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton
44-56 Nicole Richie
57-59 Ashley Olsen
60-61 MKA
62-63 Mary-Kate Olsen
64-73 Katherine Heigl
74-76 Julia Stiles
77-95 Fashion

banner/user info/friends only:
3 Zhang Ziyi
1 Nicole and Mischa
3 Mischa Barton
3 Fashion
2 Lindsay Lohan
5 Katherine Heigl
(if you want another text, I'll add it for you! Just ask)


here@eye_jungle; you have to join to see the entries :)
*Julia Stiles*

ICONS [18 Aug 2007|10:29pm]

[01-15] Keira Knightley
[16-40] House; TB or Not TB
[41-60] 10 Things I Hate About You
[61-70] House Cast Promos


*Julia Stiles*

The Bourne Identity RiffTrax Released! [15 Aug 2007|05:53am]


Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, have released their RiffTrax for The Bourne Identity!

Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar place, unable to recall where you live, what you're doing there, or even your own name. Now imagine for the first time in your life it wasn't a direct result of your downing eleven pints of Guinness and then agreeing to do a Lemon Drop shooter with Jimmy T., Spleef, and Hondo the night before at Durty Nelly's.

*Julia Stiles*

10 things... bases [25 Feb 2007|02:38am]

love, love, love this movie!!! 2nd best teen adaptation movie ever (cruel intentions is first!!!)

Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
313 bases below (yes you heard me right!!!)


Remove head from sphincter, then drive!
*Julia Stiles*

23 Julia Icons [08 Nov 2006|03:12pm]

[23] Julia Stiles
[5] Justin Timberlake "My Love" video

My first time posting here. Enjoy!!

Comment & Credit! Enjoy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Read more...Collapse )
5 Heart|*Julia Stiles*

[05 Oct 2006|04:31pm]

10 lucky number slevin (the movie was really good!)
30 alias for alias_challenge (4x07, 4x06, 3x18)
32 gilmore girls (7x01, random LG and AB)
12 save the last dance


all are here
*Julia Stiles*

Edmond [15 Aug 2006|01:26pm]

[ mood | headachy ]

When this film first opened in Manhattan, its run was so short that, by the time I read about it, it was gone. So it was with considerable delight when I discovered the film had returned, this time to Brooklyn, last week. 

Edmond seemed to have everything going for it: a script by David Mamet, based on his 1982 play of the same name; starring the incomparable William H. Macy, always marvelous but especially so in Wayne Cramer's wonderful 2003 film The Cooler; and director Stuart Gordon, who did HP Lovecraft proud with his adaptations of Re-Animator and From Beyond. On the surface, this film seemed like a winner. 

Therein lies the problem: Edmond is all surface. 

Edmond is the same character at the end of the film as he is at the beginning -- but it's not Macy's fault. The way the story is written, we don't know if the racial epithets Edmond spews are a sudden eruption or part of his daily routine, whether he's at the tail end of a journey toward violence or whether it's a destination he's inhabited for some time. It's not a one-note performance but a one-note character, devoid of any sense of what, if anything, has been lost. Just as Gordon's direction plods from one scene to the next, Edmond is a dead man walking from the first shot to the last (where he becomes a dead man lying down). Because we are not permitted to experience his fall, but rather just follow his somnambulistic walk on the wild side, there is no tragedy. We, like Edmond, feel nothing. 

Unlike Cape Fear's Max Cady, who promised, "You're gonna learn about loss," Edmond offers no such lesson. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker's famous obvservation, the film runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.

Similarly, a litany of usually fine actors are put through their paces so quickly and without distinction that often they're gone from the screen by the time we realize who they were: Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Dule Hill (fine here in a role that's about as far from The West Wing's Charlie as he can get), Joe Mantegna (always amazing, but especially so as Dean Martin in The Rat Pack), Denise Richards (the Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards divorce), Julia Stiles (so memorable in Mamet's State and Main), Mean Suvari (the American Beauty herself), Rebecca Pidgeon (also fine State and Main -- and married to Mr. Mamet), and Debi Mazar (not used nearly enough in Entourage). Despite all this thespian firepower, the only onscreen chemistry occurs in the scene between Macy and Stiles in her character's apartment, when, for a fleeting moment, it seems as if she and Edmond might have found in each other a twisted kindred spirit. Alas, even that spark is extinguished before it can ignite anything else.

A gentleman, a few rows ahead of us, served as spokesman for the sparse audience when the film faded out and the lights came up. "That's it?" he said. Indeed.

*Julia Stiles*

10 things I hate about you [30 Jun 2006|01:19am]


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i happen to like being adored, thank you
*Julia Stiles*

NEW JULIA STILES COMMUNITY! [08 Apr 2006|09:38pm]

[ mood | come join us! ]

Hey guys! I'm passing along the message that there is an awesome new community for fans of Julia Stiles!

If you are a fan, we'd love to have you over at juliastlies!

Click here to join!
*Julia Stiles*

[02 Mar 2006|03:50pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Hello all i'm new here hope its ok to pimp my icons, (let me know if not) they are all julia...

12 x Julia Stiles

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

(9 More located here)

♥ comment,
♥ don't hotlink

(please see theiconasylum user info for more details)
thanks :D

1 Heart|*Julia Stiles*

Hi everyone! :) [06 Feb 2006|12:35pm]

[ mood | happy ]

[9]10 Things I Hate About You
[9]West Wing

Feel Free to go through other entries and snag icons as long as you remember to comment. :)

[x] Comment and credit t_i_n_u_v_i_e_l :)
[x] Tell me what you snag :)
[x] Please don't hotlink
[x] Please don't edit my icons

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

CLICK for more icons :)

*Julia Stiles*

[30 Dec 2005|01:15am]

Hello all! I just wanted to let anyone and everyone know that I just made juliastlies. If you're interested, you can definitely join. I will keep it up-to-date with Julia information, articles, and anything that comes up. So, feel freel to join ;*
*Julia Stiles*

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