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This community is a open and friendly community for all those spunked up kids who want a cool place to go. Rock out till you drop out, yo.

Maintainers of this community are:
Ashley |myheart_stops|
Anfee |anfee|


| one | Respect everybody inside the community, we have a zero tolerance for ANY harassing, verbal assult, sexist, homophobic, or violent remarks, ect.

| two | We here at _ j u k e b o x love lj cut, Please use it or you shall be warned, three warnings and you are banned.

| three | you MUST have fun ;D Feel free to make any comments and/or suggestions.

| four | If there is any sexually-explicit material, please lj-cut it and warn other users, as some may get offended, underage, ect.


If for some reason there is any kind of harassment and the mods accidently miss it, you can report it to..

-:-:-:- Ashley -:-:-:-

AIM: summer waltz

E-Mail: myheart_stops@livejournal.com

-:-:-:- Anfee -:-:-:-

AIM: anfee junkie

E-Mail: anfee@livejournal.com