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strike a pose

there's nothing to it

there's nothing to it
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Anybody , Moderated
So you think you've got style? Let's find out. Post pictures of your hair, make-up, clothes etc. and we'll tell you. Of course, if you're accepted you get to judge other people and decide whether or not they're able to join. If you're interested keep on reading.

1.]You can not vote on people until you are stamped by a moderator.
2.]Once you are stamped you must get along with other members. If you do not, one of the moderators can, and will, ban you from the community.
3.]Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
4.]It's okay to say no.
5.]You must a have a picture to join.
6.]Personality counts.
7.]Being naked is not a fashion.


1.]Name, age, location
2.]favorite store/brand
3.]favorite bands (so we can add them to our intrests)
4.]why you think your style is so great
5.]Describe yourself...
6.]Picture behind a livejournal cut