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1.]Ashley, 15, GA
2.]The buckle/silver jeans((they are sooo comfy!!))
3.]Alexisonfire,armor for sleep,Ashlee Simpson, Boys night out, Brand new, Brandston, Brighteyes,Copeland,Count the stars,Dashoboard,Dead poetic, Death cab for cutie,From autumn to ashes,Hopesfall,Jack off Jill,Kill hannah,lola ray,Mea,Maria Mena,Maroon 5,Oasis,Oliver James, SemiSonic,Sick of Change, Snow Patrol,Sunny day real estate,Tbs, BCR, STD, The Postal Service,Underoath,yesterdays rising!
4.]I Dress the way i want. Sometimes it's whats in...other times not. I Don't believe i should follow rules, I also don't think i should dress outrageous just b/c i don't want to follow rules. Personaly i don't like when people dress to prove something. I have nothing to prove. I dress how i wanna BIOTCH(had to add that for effect lol)
5.]I hope this means describing my personality. I think i'm a pretty upbeat person. And I'm very loving. I know how to have a good time...but at the same time i know how to get very serious. I'd say i'm pretty mature. On the down side I'm not very confident. I mean if everyone on here says i'm ugly as sin i'm not gonna go get all emo. But i do tend to take what my friends say to heart. Which i guess can be good and bad.

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I am!

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1.]Name, age, location : Lyndsey, 15, Indiana
2.]favorite store/brand: Pacsun, hot topic and hollister
3.]favorite bands (so we can add them to our intrests)Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Dashboard confessional, Matchbook Romance, From Autumn To Ashes
4.]why you think your style is so great: I guess i just wear what i like, no matter what people think about it and i try to wear stuff that stands out
5.]Describe yourself... I play guitar in a band and i play softball and ive been dancing for 13 years. Im a pretty fun person, really outgoing and people tell me im funny...
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1.]Karli, 15, Vancouver, WA
2.]i love Value Village's vintage Ts... and any jeans.
3.]taking back sunday, dashboard confessional, foo fighters, weezer, brand new, 5 days ahead, no doubt, nirvana, switchfoot
4.]im rad shit yo.
5.]i'm 15, i dont give a shit, this is a funny place, i'm tall, i have hazel eyes, i have blonde-ish/brown-ish hair and some black underneath, i wear chuck taylors or my red n yellow asics or flip flops on my feetsies, i wear vintage Ts and jeans pretty much all the time, i do crazy stuff with my hair sometimes, or sometimes i just leave it straight and down, i love to write... that's me in a nut shell.
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1.]Darcy, 16, texas
2.]Buffalo Exchange
3.]the Mars Volta, Modest Mouse, Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Bright Eyes, Saves the Day
4.]I like that my style is so different. I really like doing crazy things, and I <3333 Converse. :) :)
5.]I have red hair, I love music, and I am open to making new friends. :) :)
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1.]Name, age, location:Brianne;15;new jersey
2.]favorite store/brand:Pac Sun;any brand really.
3.]favorite bands (so we can add them to our intrests):just a few:taking back sunday, good charlotte, blink 182, yellowcard, story of the year, all american rejects...i think you get it.
4.]why you think your style is so great:i don't think it's that great, but i guess it's unique...like vintage sorta.
5.]Describe yourself...i'm a pretty laid back girl.i've never had a boyfriend, which kinda sucks cuz i really want one.i'm just too frigin' shy.but i can be really open about stuff.
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1.Sara 13 and I live in Austin Texas
2.I love vintage clothes from Buffalo Exchange, Denim Edge, and The Buckle
3.Radiohead, Iron Maider, Pantera, Misfits, Taking Back Sunday, HateBreed, Nirvana, The Flaming lips, Jimmy Eat World, there is lots more
4.My style is great because no one else looks like me :-)
5.I love to read, write, and listen to music. Some of my favorite books are Heavier Than Heaven, Go Ask Alice, Soldier X, Shattered
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umm..im applying? lol

Hi..someone invited me and told me it was about fashion and not looks. My fashions ok but my looks suck lol =P

1.]Name, age, location: Bethany, 13 (hope im not too young..), Louisiana

2.]favorite store/brand: Old Navy/Dont have a fav. brand

3.]favorite bands (so we can add them to our intrests): Umm..I like oldies..like The Beatles and Pink Floyd and stuff.

4.]why you think your style is so great: I am an experienced shopper, lol, I grew up with girls and shopping and stuff and I just know clothes, I guess.

5.]Describe yourself...: Umm..I'm nice I guess? Lol. I'm pretty shy but I'm learning to be more outgoing. I love fashion of course and I'm not so obsessed with looks as most girls (like, face/hair wise, not clothes) and I guess that's why I'm not very pretty! I like when people are very honest and opinionated with me, because I take it very well. If you call me stupid and ugly, I'm not going to say "Well be that way" or something equally stupid to try to proove something. I won't go cry either. I know I'm not pretty and all that so who cares if someone else doesn't think I am.


And again, I say please be very opinionated with your answers, if it's a no, tell me the reasons (if you have any..if you don't..don't worry about it =) ) I won't get mad!

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