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Hyde and Miyavi

I search any information and contacts Hyde and Miyavi /e-mail, tel manager or producer, pro-press - SOMEBODY/
I'm not fan - I'm journalist (freeline)
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I'm new...

Hi! I just joined and started a Miyavi RPG over here.

My normal LJ is here. Feel free to drop by either of them...and if you want to join my RPG, just drop me a message.

Great to meet you all!
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Gackt's House

Hyde felt silly. Really silly. Not only had he been nervous almost all day long, he was also early. Even though he had known that Gackt wouldn't be here anytime before 7pm he hadn't managed to stay at home any longer and driven to Gackt's house, knowing he'd have to wait outside.

But the fresh air and the time he had felt pretty good. Even though he almost anticipated the others arrival, he also got time to walk up and down the street and enjoy the evening and the fact that there was almost nobody else around and those who were didn't recognize him.Read more...Collapse )

Rose's Apartment - Open to Attack

With a broad smile, MinWoo opened the door and greeted his friend. letitng him in, he said,

'It doesn't look like Kim or JungMo are gonna show, so you get to choose what we're gonna watch tonight.'

Gesturing to the sofa, he half-turned to go into the kitchen but paused.

'Sit down, what d'ya want to drink?'
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Sansar [closed]

Note: Nope, this wasn't all written by me alone of course not, I just put it all together to make it easier and nicer to read. I wrote the Hyde parts and the Gackt parts, were, obviously, written by our own personal wonderful Gackt :-)

Hyde strolled into the restaurant, knowing he was there too early.

The plush interior made him wonder whether this had been a good choice or not. After all, it didn't look like a restaurant he'd usually eat at but then again, he should have known that it would be a visual overkill after Ken had mentioned that it was so beautiful.
Read more...Collapse )