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New Naruto RPG---Original Characters



Do you like RPing with original characters in an already existing verse? Well this is kind of like that. We used the basic concepts of Naruto, ex: ninjas, ranks, villages, ect…and made our own RP. The purpose was to create original characters and make Naruto more of an all around shoujo. (Something that has EVEYTHING! Drama, action, romance <3, horror, you get the idea.)

We’ve just opened and you can apply for any position. ^_^

There are three villages at the RP: Leaf, Sand, and Waterfall. The villages do not have any preexisting history with the shows. The RP strives to be a good, quality RPG. Come and join us!

LINK: The Hidden Village

Please make sure you read all mandatory threads before you apply! Thanks.
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[[N O - A I R]]

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There is no air in the city, and no air circulation in the cramped apartment building where a disparate community of the hopeful and the disaffected are united in a struggle to breathe. For some, the place might be a stepping stone as they set out to make it on their own. For others there may never be anywhere better than this. Keep the door locked and the windows open. Welcome to 311 Lysgar Street.


No_Air is an AU Bleach/Naruto crossover RPG that uses canon characters as a base, then gives them PB (played by) icons of real people and moves them into apartments at 311 Lysgar street, a run down building in a shabby part of the city, where we watch their everyday lives.

We have a wide and active cast, but there are still a few awesome roles available. Want to play Deidara as an art teacher? Perhaps Kiba works with rescue dogs while maintaining a sports scholarship? Would Kakashi end up a professional procrastinator? We're looking for a those characters and more in no_air!

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Please come join the community naruto_diaoh
It is set in a bording school, but all of the little nijas still have their powers. It has no real time plot except everyone failed their exams and got sent to the school.
It's the characters of naruto, but forced to see each other every day.