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LOS ANGELES, CA: City of Angels, city of dreams. Everyone wants to be the famous moviestar, clamored and wanted by all. If you wanted to be on the big screen, they tell you to go to California and make it happen. The city filled with plastic people and their plastic lives, and yet all the answers to your prayers. You come here to make it big, for hopes that your rugged good looks, ten-watt smile, and shapely figure gets you in a pilot. Hell, even a commercial would do. It doesn't matter, as long as you're on the screen somewhere, being beautiful and wanted.

But then there's the dark side to any industry. Some famous people got their bearings in the adult industry , so its not all that shameful, right? Skin slapping against skin, the faked moaning, random sex with strangers, the tight outfits, wild all-night coke parties ... it still doesn't mean anything else. Its just mindless fun. Its also part of the dream. You're on that screen and you're still desired. Doesn't matter, as long as you get that money and keep chanting to yourself that this is just temporary. You either a struggling college student, you just want to do it for kicks, or to just do anything to stay off the streets. There's nothing shameful about doing porn, as long as noone knows about it. Its just easy money... right? But there's always a hefty price to pay for any big dream, and this is just one of the steps up to the very top.

NIXCORE, Inc. is an independent adult movie company where it produces all kinds of films to satiate the appetite of any customer. Want BDSM? Cute lesbians? Hardcore gay? They deliver. It also prides itself in casting the best new faces in the business.

Do you have what it takes to make it big?

nixcore is a Naruto AU RP looking for open-minded and creative RPers. We're in bad need of some Akatsuki members to run around and cause mischief! The RP is already filled with friendly, extremely talented, and flexible players. But the more the merrier! Give us a look today if you're interested in trying something different and fresh!