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j o n n y b u c k l a n d
won't you play a girl a tune?
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27th-Jun-2008 02:27 pm - Thanks!!!
Still love Jonny. Better than ever now. Viva la Vida is some amazing work....
17th-Jul-2007 10:54 pm - New Icontest Community
cinefila_icons//you're beautiful
There is a new icontest community out there. Freshly made today, it is dedicated to the best of British pop culture whether it be music, movies, tv or your favorite junk food. This is a baby community so its growing and learning so disrespect means that you aren't a very nice person. Any help or support will be taken but members are always a nice thing too. So stop on by if you like to make icons and are sick and tired or jumping around to communities to fill you British fix.


Jonny: well, umm, about halfway through recording a rush of blood to the head, umm, Chris and I were travelling on a train up to Liverpool, and umm huh (whooping from crowd) don't whoop it was quite a horrible story, we were listening to what we had recorded so far and umm we both looked at each other and umm...

Chris: over a sandwich.

Jonny: yeah, (laugh) and a nice cup of British rail coffee, and ah we were totally umm you know distraught really, ah we thought we had recorded the worse thing ever and ah well we thought two songs were good, ‘Politik’ and something else...

Chris: ‘In My Place’.

Jonny: ‘In My Place’, and ah everything else we thought, we just, it was the end of the world, but at the same time we were travelling to Liverpool and we were kinda desperate to make it quite good or as good as we could, and so we wrote ‘the Scientist’ pretty much straight away.

Coldplay Storytellers Part 4 - You Tube
6th-Jun-2006 07:13 pm - Listen to what the man says.
{stock} ; i had to dream awake
Got any quotes by or on our Mr. Buckland you really love? Let's share them here to spread the Jonnylurve ;D
Just a few I like...

2nd-Jun-2006 08:35 pm - jonny picture loooove
this post is dedicated to rionne - i can't have you go without a decent amount of jonnyness! (only 21 sleeps!)
i welcome everyone to post more jonny pics... share the loooove! (also, has anyone got any good jonny quotes?)

warning - large jonny picture looooveCollapse )
19th-Mar-2006 05:58 pm - Yeah the spotlight shines upon you...
Coldplay sandwich
Hey peoples! I come bearing icons of the lovely Mr. Buckland, and just a whole lotta Coldplay icons in general. Cheers! :)

More Jonny this way....
6th-Feb-2006 12:45 pm - "why, hello mr buckland..."
time for the jonny picfest!

please feel free to comment with your favorite jonny pics! (icons also welcome!)
8th-Jan-2006 06:10 pm(no subject)
Love Jonny,... at BestBuy today... all the TVs went to the Live 8 w/Richard Ashcroft "Bittersweet Symphony" Jonny big as life and crisp as day on the 72" Pioneer "Elite" plasma...

20 grand for that system, it was way cool that BestBuy uses that clip....

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