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beth_daryl A livejournal community dedicated to Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon!
Come join us for the hiatus where we are in the middle of a rewatch, tons of discussions, therories and news!   Post your fanfiction, icons, mixes and more with other fans of this pairing!
Show your love for Beth, Daryl and the actors who portray them!
Me 7

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dog_eat_dog_lj is a new interactive game played on Livejournal and we are looking for players.

Come join and be in the chance to win a paid livejournal account for 1 year!

Compete in fun challenges against other players.

Have fun and maybe even make some new friends.

Nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Why not?!
Coffee & Corks

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Coffee & Corks is a brand new writing community, aimed at original fiction, but inclusive of fanfiction and non-fiction. There are daily challenges, weekly questions, handy writing tools, a steadfast community feel, reviews, advice, guidelines... anything you could possibly want or need when creating and refining your masterpiece work.

PLEASE NOTE: This Community is not for the posting of completed fanfiction. Members are of course still welcome to post fanfic problems, excerpts, advice quieries, etc. here - particularly if they include original characters.

Find us here: coffeeandcorks