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hey i'm new. i think john paul jones is an amazing bassist and by far the best member of led zeppelin. i also think it's really lame that plant and page didn't include him in the reunion because he said that he kept the band together when everyone else just wanted to party. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that page and plant can't do what they do but...jpj is just the fucking shit.
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A JPJ community? How did I not know about this? Luckily I was just searching mandolin in interests, because I'm thinking about taking it up in honor of well take a guess, and I found this. Anyways Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. JPJ is my favorite bassist of all time. Definitely one of the greatest musician to pass through the rock scene. Glad to see there's a community devoted to this highly underrated god of the rhythm section.
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wow finally a john paul jones community. ive been looking all over the zep communities for something involving jones. hes a great bassist as far as im concerned. ever since i heard his awesome job im the lemon song i found his talent that was never fully showcased until zep broke up... he was always in the background just barely visible. anyways this is a cool community. jones is awesome.
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How long has Jonesy had his own livej community and why wasn't I invited?

Hi. I like Jones lots. I found this community when I realized that someone else had put down Scream for Help as an interest. We are the only two with that as a livej interest right now. Zooma and Thundertheif are sadly considered 'rare' interests according to the interest meme generator thing going around livej now.

Oh, I am chuckling to myself, let me share one amusing memory that has to do with rare Jonesy interests, if I can dredge it up... So I was in London in Spring 2002. Jonesy accompanied Julie Felix for a benefit concert at Borders Bookstore on Oxford street. He played mandolin; if you follow Dave Lewis' TBL news, then I'm sure you read about it. Here's the funny thing, I was hanging around in a daze (naturally) and I saw someone hand him The Sporting Life to get an autograph. Jones grinned from ear to ear and pointed the CD out to someone else nearby and said something about not seeing that one around much and that it sure was alot of fun, a good album. I can't remember his words anymore, I probably wrote them down once. The funny part is that most of the people there had not heard of the album.

BTW, my icon is not a picture of JPJ. That is my jacket, a friend made it for me.

Well, kudos to you for making a Jonesy community. I might not stay a member long, I really don't like blogs much. But for now it's something to do.
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John Paul Jones

Hey everyone, this community is dedicated to the great John Paul Jones. John Paul Jones is the most underated musician in history. He has incredible talent with a variety of different instruments, while he mainly plays bass. He is a brilliant songwriter and composer. He was also a founding member of the band Led Zeppelin. He is non doubtedly one of the greatest artists on earth.
This community is for the benifit of all the people who are John Paul Jones fans, if you are a bass player and need tabs for some of the songs, come here and we can help you out. If you want to post your pictures of John or anything relating to him, please do so. if you are a new fan or have been a fan since the 60's tell us about what you know or if you have met him. We would love to hear you share your experience with the great John Paul Jones.
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