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_johnnyramone's Journal

John Cummings <3
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This is a community for all us Johnny Ramone/the Ramones fans.

This would be one of those communities were news and press photos would be posted, but sadly Johnny Ramone passed away last year.
R.I.P. 1948 - 2004

Moderated by: eyefuck

Rules, yes rules. s i g h

- Do not join to bash Johnny, if you hate him please take it elsewhere.

- Post pictures larger then 350 x 500 and long text posts behind LJ-Cuts

- If you want to promote other communities, please ask me before doing so. No rating communities-ever. I personally am annoyed by them.

- Please post only about Johnny Ramone/the Ramones.

- Do not over use profanity. If you say "fuck" every other word, you are so banned.

Promote, because we're worth it.


Want to be here? Just ask :D