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The Joey/Chandler Slash Community
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Joey: Well... you seem pretty insulted by that. What? I'm not good enough for you?
Chandler: We're not gonna have this conversation again.

Hello everyone, and welcome to _joeychandler, the LJ community dedicated to the slash pairing of Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing from the NBC television series, Friends. If you're not sure what slash is, then please direct yourself to the FAQ. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of slash, then maybe this isn't a community for you.

Although this community is primarily Joey/Chandler based, all Friends slash is welcome. Yup! Slash including Ross, Mike, the girls and any other character are more than welcome. As long as it's slash, it's fine. Just obey the rules and have fun!

- Be respectful. Any flammers will be reported to me (dewdropinn) and I'll handle it, ok?
- Know how to use the LJ cut (A MUST)
- Make sure you make an introduction post after you join!
- Be a Joey/Chandler fan, of course! :D
- Read the FAQ and obey the rules. They're not too hard.
- Post and have fun!

-What is Slash? Slash (usually found in fanfiction) is the pairing of two people of the same gender for romantic purposes. Although the term "slash" can be used for both male/male and female/female couples, "femmeslash" is more common when refering to a female/female couple.

-Who are Joey and Chandler? Joseph "Joey" Francis Tribbiani Jr. and Chandler Muriel Bing (played by Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, respectively) are two of the main characters from the long-running NBC television series, Friends, which aired every Thursday night at 8pm ET during NBC's popular Must See TV line-up. Rerun episodes are still airing on various networks -and in various languages- around the world.
Matt LeBlanc also continued his role as Joey in a Friends spinoff simply titled, Joey which aired from September 2004 to May 2006. None of the other "Friends" had made guest appearances.

-Why Joey/Chandler? They were my favorite characters in the series. I just loved how close they were and how they loved to goof around. The Bracelet Buddies, come on! :D

-You're crazy! Joey and Chandler aren't a couple and never will be! It's Chandler/Monica all the way! Ok, before you start to flame, yes. Yes, I am aware of the fact that Chandler and Monica hooked up, got married and eventually started a family together. I could rant for pages and pages about why the Chandler/Monica pairing makes me feel ill right down to my very bones and why Chandler would have been so much happier with his best friend, but I won't.
You've got to realize that this is fandom and in fandom, anything goes. So, even if Chandler and Joey never hooked up in the series, it's still fun to pretend, alright? And really, is it any different than the Phoebe/Joey pairing that also only exists in fandom?

-But Joey moved to LA! This relationship can't work! Oh well.

-Can I post icons/fanfiction/fanart/etc? Yes, you can. As long as you A) know how to use the LJ cut and keep large images behind them B) don't take credit for the work of others C) keep things Joey/Chandler, Friends, Joey, Matt LeBlanc or Matthew Perry related D) Keep all things with an NC17 rating behind an LJ cut with a warning label.

-Who runs this community? Me. dewdropinn. Howdy. If you need to contact me, just click on my user info. I'm always willing to help.

-Can I advertize my community here? Uhhh.. I'd rather you didn't. But if you do, keep it Friends/Joey related, ok?

-I found/own a Joey/Chandler fansite! Will you post the link here? Sure! As long as it's Joey/Chandler related, why not?

-Are you Matthew Perry or Matt LeBlanc? Um, no. I'm dewdropinn. I'm just a humble little fangirl who decided to open a community dedicated to the J/C fandom. I am not Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, nor have I ever met them or have any contact with them. Sorry.

-Can I post non-Joey/Chandler slash related things? Sure! Got a great Joey/Ross story you want to share? By all means, post it. Although this community is primarily Joey/Chandler, all other forms of Friends slash are more than welcome.

-Ew! Slash! Gross! Yes. Slash. If it's not your cup of tea, DON'T JOIN. If there's no room in your mind for the concept of slash, then there's no room for you in this community.

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I am in no way affiliated with NBC, Warner Bros., Bright Kauffman Crane, any of the cast of Friends nor do I own the rights to Friends. This is just a simple, little community for fans of the the J/C pairing to gather and discuss their love of the fandom. So, um...don't sue me, ok?

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