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Fic: Lucky for Me

Story title: Lucky for Me
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Friends
Rating: PG
Characters/Ship: Joey-Chandler or Joey/Chandler, depending on how hard you squint
Summary: Chandler really cares about the coffee.
Keywords: fluff, bickering, hurt/comfort
Word count: 767
Archived: (in the next day or two);
Permission to archive elsewhere: Please ask first (
Author's note: This theme of year's slash pajama party at REVELcon is "hurt/comfort," so I needed a short hurt/comfort piece in a fandom that most people would recognize. I was idly musing and this just popped into my head.

Lucky for Me

(no subject)

What's your name?: Sarah

Where are you from?: WI, USA

How old are you?: 22

When did you start watching Friends?: Um, I saw it a few times on TV when I was younger, but it wasn't until I was 20 (just married and newly pregnant) that my hubby forced me to watch all 10 seasons, in order.

Who is your favorite "Friend"?: I love Chandler best. I don't know why...something about him just makes me want to hug him, lol. My favorite female "Friend" is Phoebe.

Why did you join this community?: Um, cause there's not a lot of Joey/Chandler and it makes me sad, so I thought I'd share mine with you. ^_^

Do you like any other slash pairings?: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Invader Zim/Dib Membrane
and...too many others to name, lol. Those are my FAVORITES, though.

Why do you like Joey/Chandler?: Because it seems right. I think if the show were on the air NOW, that the writers would have gone down the Joey/Chandler road, instead of writing it Mondler. I think they just weren't sure how it would be received...silly people. We'd have loved it even then!

Why do you think the Joey/Chandler fanbase is so small?: I think Mondler gets in the way a lot. I also think that more people would it if they watched the whole series, straight through, after having someone put the idea into their head. Because once you're thinking about them like's REALLY hard to NOT notice all the hugs and touches and looks and comments.

Any other comments?:

That's the link to my profile on, the TV section. You can find my story there! I'm still working on it, so bear with me! You may have to go through an age verification page to view it, sorry!

Also...if I had a "List" of 5 celebrities I could have sex with (like in season 3), without my hubby getting mad, I just have to say, completely honestly...Matthew Perry would be on it! Then if it ever happened, I could tell people "I had sex with Chandler Bing!" and that would just be fucking cool.
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nora gainsbrough #1


ALL pairings welcome!

Do You Like To Write?

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... who will come out on top?

Introductary Post

What's your name?: Mary

Where are you from? (you don't have to be specific): Fricking London baby!

How old are you?: 14

When did you start watching Friends?: Like, five years ago.

Who is your favorite "Friend"?: Joey! He's always been my favourite. Not sure why.

Why did you join this community?: I love Friends, I love slash, I'm sure you can put the pieces together. :)

Do you like any other slash pairings?: Ianto/Jack (Torchwood)... Yeah that's it really. 

Why do you like Joey/Chandler?: Because they are so utterly adorable together.

Why do you think the Joey/Chandler fanbase is so small?: A deadly combination of homophobia and Monica.
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Introduction Post

What's your name?: Lauren

Where are you from? (you don't have to be specific): Texas

How old are you?: 21

When did you start watching Friends?: Oh geez...when I was 6?

Who is your favorite "Friend"?: I don't have a particular favorite. I love them all. Ross and Chandler hold a special place in my heart, though.

Why did you join this community?: Because I am insanely addicted to Friends, and I love slash. Never read any J/C, but I'm looking forward to it.

Do you like any other slash pairings?: Zaylor (Zac and Taylor Hanson), Kradam (Kris Allen and Adam Lambert), Pellie (From Degrassi (Paige Michalchuck and Ellie Nash), and Palex (From Degrassi: Paige Michalchuck and Alex Nunez)

Why do you like Joey/Chandler?: Because they're very cute together.

Why do you think the Joey/Chandler fanbase is so small?: Because people are afraid of that which they don't understand.

Any other comments?:
Joey: Hey, wouldn't be cool if our duck and chick had a little baby? We could call it Chuck.

Chandler: Or... Dick.
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Oh hai! :D

What's your name?
Just call me daisy :)

Where are you from?
New Zealand 

How old are you?
17 going on 18

When did you start watching Friends?
I've been watching FRIENDS for as long as I can remember.. My family and I would sit and watch it having dinner when I was little, and all of my family love it so we watch it whenever we can - and because NZ tv is crap, it's on constant reruns, so yay! :D

Who is your favorite "Friend"?
Chandler, easily. As I said, i've grown up watching FRIENDS, and I am fairly sure that he is the one who taught me sarcasm (because no one in my family gets/uses it..) But yeah, I just think he is a great character.

Why did you join this community?
I haven't written any Chandler/Joey fics, but I've recently received all ten seasons, so - inspiration, hopefully will strike!

Do you like any other slash pairings?
I'm fairly new to slash pairings, but yeah - I absolutely LOVE Arthur/Merlin from the BBC show Merlin. Like, crazy love. Also, I think that Raj/Howard from the Big Bang Theory is adorable and I think that Kurt/Puck from Glee would be brilliant (but also Kurt/Finn, because who doesn't support hopeless crushes like that?). But like I said - new to slash... Kind of... Been dabbling in fanfiction for years though.. mostly Harry Potter stuff.. Oh - and that reminds me: Remus/Sirius and Oliver/Percy, though I haven't written any of that.. Ok, I think that's all!

Why do you like Joey/Chandler?
I've just always thought they could have easily ended up together - it was more likely than Monica and Chandler, and they did pretty well.. but yeah. They just seem so right for each other, and they have awesome chemistry as characters. (not necessarily sexual chemistry, but meh).

Why do you think the Joey/Chandler fanbase is so small?
I'm not sure.. I mean, obviously Chandler getting married didn't help.. Also, maybe the fact that the writers kept putting in the possibility as a joke? Almost taking the mickey out of the idea that they could be gay for each other so much that everyone sort of went 'naaah - they're just joking again'.... Maybe?

Any other comments?
Not much, just happy to be here, hope to get writing some fics soon and maybe even make some art/vids..



introductiooon (:

What's your name?: Elizzabeth

Where are you from?(you don't have to be specific): Cambridge, Canada

How old are you?:

When did you start watching friends?:
I think I was 10 or 11

Who's your favourite 'Friend'?:
Oh, Chandler. Followed closely by Joey.

What other slash parings do you like?:
okay well:
waycest (gerard/mikey- my chemical romance)
frikey (frank/mikey- my chemical romance)
jack/will (will and grace)
jack/alex (all time low)

Why do you like Joey/Chandler?:
They're lobsters (:

Why do you think the Joey/Chandler fanbase is so small?:
Aside from Mondler, um, homophobia? Oh I don't know. It shouldn't be.

Any other comments?:
Yeah, okay so I'm pretty new to LJ, I mean I've been lurking for ahwile and I finally decided to make an account and I was wondering if someone could tell me the ropes? Also, if anyone comes across any good joey/chandler that's not on or forever fandom don't hesitate to tell me (:


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Escape - Piano

Hello. :)

What's your name?:
My name's Anna. :D You can call me Jack as well!

Where are you from? (you don't have to be specific):
Finland! :)

How old are you?: I'm 16. 17 in March.

When did you start watching Friends?:
Oh, well, you know... I have known Friends for ages and been watching it every now and then but only recently, I have started to go through all the seasons.

Who is your favorite "Friend"?: Chandler. :) I just can't get enough of his witty remarks! :D

Why did you join this community?: Cos I love to read and write slashes. :) Plus, I can't stop thinking about what actually goes on at Joey and Chandler's flat when they're alone. :P

Do you like any other slash pairings?:

Muse: Dom/Matt and Chris/Matt
KC: Nick/Ricky
Many HP pairings.
Queen: Freddie/Roger
Dr Who/Muse: Dr Who(Tennant)/Matt
Dr Who/Torchwood: Captain Jack/Doctor
Torchwood: Captain Jack/Ianto
LOTR: Aragorn/Legolas
Star Wars: Obi-wan/Anakin and Obi-wan/Qui-Gon
Dr House: Chase/House
30STM/Muse: Jared/Matt
30STM/Star Wars: Jared/Obi-wan
(MCR: Gerard/Frank)
And many more... :P

Why do you like Joey/Chandler?: Cos the pairing is, what many would call, "unusual", I guess. I just like how they are such a.. married couple, you know! So together! So squished together that, wow... For me, they are also the funny, happy couple. :)

Why do you think the Joey/Chandler fanbase is so small?: Ah... *shrugs* We could blame Monica for that?

Any other comments?: Cheers!